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Also chatting and singing on the Morning Show, Australia

The Animals at The Tate

I flew to London to launch the Animals podcast.  The Animals is a book of letters between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, and we read from it in front of the David Hockney portrait of Chris and Don which was part of Tate Britain’s amazing Hockney exhibit. In the podcast Isherwood is read by Simon Callow, but due to his unavailability, at the launch Angus Wright played him. Earlier that day, as part of another exhibit, Queer Brittania, I was interviewed by Amy Lame.



I shot a monologue in the series Queers for BBC, directed  by Mark Gatiss and written by Gareth Maclean.  The series is part of the commemoration of the 50th annivesary of the decriminilisation of homosexuality in the UK


I play Dylan Dylan Eckhart, a professor of behavioural analysis and a former CIA agent in the CBS pilot, Instinct, written by Michael Rauch from a novel by James Patterson, and directed by Marc Webb. The pilot was picked up for series by CBS and will air in 2018.

I am joined in the cast by Bojana Novakovic, Dan Ings, Naveen Andrews, Khandi Alexander, Sarita Choudury and Whoopi Goldberg.