2018 Freedom Award

The NYCLU honored my contributions as an artist and activist for human rights at their 16th annual Broadway Stands Up For Freedom concert We the People by presenting me with their 2018 Freedom Award. It was an unforgettable evening that celebrated the power and beauty of free expression.

Audible Hall of Fame

I was inducted into the Audible Narrator Hall of Fame for my voice work on the many Audible books I have recorded.

Here's what they had to say about why I was honored:

Scottish-American actor Alan Cumming has dazzled audiences on stage and on the screen for years, but with his boundless energy and lilting brogue, he was a natural fit as an audiobook narrator. One need only hear his narration of his own memoir, Not My Father’s Son, to understand the enrapturing appeal. (Cumming won two Audie awards for that one, for Best Autobiography/Memoir and for Narration by Author, and it was named one of Audible’s Best Books of the Year in 2014.) 

The Tony-winning actor has brought all of his formidable skills to Sherlock HolmesHans Christian Anderson, and Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathon series. An incredibly versatile actor, Cumming has also excelled in narrating children’s books, winning an Audie in 2011 for Zorgamazoo, the quirky, rhyming, rhythmical tale of Katrina and Morty the Zorgle. He’s even tackled Macbeth twice, in a dramatization of the original work Macbeth and in Macbeth, A Novel, a reimagining (in novel form) of the Bard’s famous drama, written by two veteran mystery authors. The dynamic actor raved about the experience saying, “Macbeth is a great play for a Scottish actor because it’s the one Shakespeare play that should be spoken in a Scottish accent. . . . The language is very guttural. It’s talking about a landscape you understand. . . . I know all the names of all the places.” 

Cumming continues to stay busy acting, and—having made waves with both of his Broadway runs as the Emcee in Cabaret (in 1998 and 2014)—he’s taken it to the next level and opened his own NYC club.


qFLIX Philadelphia Artistic Achievement Award

At the qFLIX Philadelphia 2018 closing night, I received the Artistic Achievement Award in Acting, before the festival closed with a screening of closed with the premiere of After Louie, directed by Vincent Gagliostro and starring me!  

This was the official announcement about my award: qFLIX chose Cumming as an award recipient for his arresting performances on stage, screen, and television, from “Cabaret” to “The Good Wife” and his newly-launched “Instinct,” an engaging crime series in which Cumming is the first-ever lead gay character, in a network series, truly a “milestone” for CBS and LGBTQ+ community.