Saturday 2 Jan 10

Only day two of the new year and I have already reneged on my resolution to write something on this blog every day. However I only missed it by minutes, and were I on the west coast, it would still be the 2nd, so shut up little voice in my head.

This is a picture taken by Grant Shaffer on New Year's eve. It is through the glass of a beautiful plinthy lens thing that my friends Ned and Drew gave us. It's a little how I felt for a lot of New Year's Eve.

Oh yes. The reason I am a little late with writing something for this blog is because I was writing something else, one of the other resolutions (See below). I am working on a film idea called '5 Weekends'. Can you guess what it's about? Yes, that's right, five weekends.  It's got legs, baby.

Oh, gosh, I forgot to say, I will be playing with my band at Joe's Pub on January 11th at 11.30pm.  It's a sort of slightly shorter, slightly different version of the show I have been doing a lot this past year, but now I am officially done with explaining why it and my album are called I Bought A Blue Car Today  and so I am calling this show Alan Cumming: Uncut. Geddit?

So ther we are. Please book a ticket if you want to come, and if you leave it too late and it's sold out, here it is in writing that I warned you.

I am going to watch A Single Man now. I remember driving in LA around the time this movie came out wondering what would have happened to gayness by the time I saw it. Would the NY senate have voted for gay marriage and would the State of Maine gone to the polls to take away the right for gay people there?  No and yes were the answers. The movie seemed to me a crowning celebration to a great year then. Now as I go to watch it, it feels like a reminder that things haven't changed. Still, I hear it's great. Will report back.