Thinking back to Dolly

Monday 4 Jan 10

How funny we are in a new decade.  It's funny how this one pales into insignificance alongside the magnitude of the last one.  I remember my new year of 1999. i was making a road trip across America with my then bf, and we thought it would be great and romantic not to plan or book anything and just see where the universe took us.  As he was a rabid Dolly parton it strangely took us to Dollywood, her theme park in Tennessee.  Now I like Dolly as much as the next man. Crikey, I sing a Dolly song on my record. But I think it is a bit beyond the pale to have spent my millenium New Year's eve sitting in a rental car, freeezing, waiting for Dolly to finish reading her own autbiography on the car's CD.  I was so greatful when she reached her conclusion (something rather beautiful about how she imagines each day that she is standing in a pool of light. But y'are Dolly, y'are!) before the bells actually tolled midnight. Instead I was inside the nasty roadside motel opening a bottle of posh champagne that seemed too ostentatious and less tasty because of it. Then I'm sure sex was involved, the healing salve that it is was particularly useful in that coupling.  And oh yes, we buried a time capsule up some holler.  I imagine it being found by a serial killer digging a grave for one of his victims.