fruitless flight and more prop 8 subterfuge!!

Tuesday 5 Jan 10

Please do not be alarmed. Nothing unseamly happens in the video below. I had just come out of the shower, that's why I am topless.  You don't see any dangly bits.

And, as if things couldn't get any worse in terms of Prop 8, the heinous and confusing repeal of gay rights that passed in California on the same day as Obama was elected (Yes, as the country was electing the first black president, Californians were actually taking away civil rights), now the trial about it may not be televised, further fuelling the subterfuge and sheltering the various organisations who funded the anti-gay rhetoric and lies.  So please go here and sign the petition to the judge to ensure that the cameras show the full thing and we can all see justice (hopefully) being done.

I just saw a thing on the internet about the new Google phone. It's a sort of combo of the Iphone and the blackberry.  I have been very vocal in my disdain for the Iphone. My usual schtick is something like 'Yeah, it's really useful to be able to drink a pint of lager or play pan pipes with someone from New Zeaand on your Iphone,  cos it sure can't be relied on to find you  a phone number and place a call'.  Actually mobileme recently lost my entire, newly re-edited address book forever. Yay!  I will always be a Mac boy, but I went back to black when it comes to my PDA.  So anyway, it's nearly my birthday and I think I'd really like the new Google phone.  Just saying.