What a night

Tuesday 12 Jan 10

Last night was a big one. First of all there was a reception for me and a lovely man named Dominic, who works for Concern, at the British Consulate. Both Dominic and I were awarded OBEs by the Queen last year and this was a cocktail party in our honour to celebrate. It was rather like a wedding, with guests being asked if they were friends of mine or his as they arrived, and also because it was  the first time I'd seen a lot of my friends in a while because of the holidays. And also everyone got a bit drunk and emotional.

I knew I would have to say a few words, but what I didn't know was that the Consul General would be reading out letters to me from Alex Salmond, the first minister of Scotland, and my MUM!!  I have to say my mum ensured there was not a dry eye in the house.  Then I did my speech (and managed to test run a few gags for my show later that night at Joe's Pub), before using an expletive that I am told has never been used at the Bristish Consulate before. So there you go, still breaking down barriers.

I rushed home, wolfed down some food and panicked, then headed over to Joe's. The show was really great, packed with an amazing friendly audience, even being very encouraging when I forgot the words of the new song I'd written I Want To See You.  My favourite bit was when I couldn't remember the location of one of the places in a story I tell about meeting Mika, and someone from the audience shouted out 'Somerset House'!  I love an audience who will prompt you!

Anyway thanks to everyone who from Joe's Pub, and especially to the band: Mike, Jordan, Yair  and Lance who continue to astound me with their talent and ease, and to my faithful (and very busy and multi-tasking) assistant Brian for ensuring I had as much of a carefree time as possible under such stressful circumstances.

 I slept the sleep of a king and now must walk my dogs and be a real person once more, my crooning hat is back on a hook for now.