My record drops today!!!

Tuesday 19 Jan 10

You've no idea how much I have always wanted to say that!!  But it's true! Today, Rich Morel's Pink Noise remix of Next To Me is available on Itunes.

Next to Me was written by me and Lance Horne and is on my album I Bought A Blue Car Today.  I met Rich through Cyndi Lauper (he worked with her on her album Take Ya To The Brink) and I think he is just an amazing producer and DJ. So when he said he wanted to do a dance remix of Next To me, I was blown away.  I first heard it in Australia when I was on tour with the show, and we played it as the audiences were leaving the theatres at shows since then.  And as of today the whole world can hear it!  I defy you not to want to get up and dance.