I See You

Friday 22 Jan 10

So as if it wasn't a bad enough week with the Republicans winning Ted Kennedy's old seat, but now the Supreme Court in all its wisdom has decreed that there should be no limit to the amount of money that a corporation can donate to a political cause. This effectively endorses the buying of elections and the victory of special interests in Amercia's political system. If you are as horrified as I am about this, please go here and add your name to a petition to express your opinions.

I finally saw Avatar last night.  It was extraordinary, a really amazing visual sensation. I went the whole hog and did the Imax 3D thing. I was also a bit bored though.  I think Shakespeare is right, and you can have too much of a good thing. And I know everyone says that the story is pretty irrelevant and it's really about the breakthrough in movie effects and experience, but I thought the story was really confusing.  I sort of felt it was like a rollercoaster ride that went on a bit too long.

I didn't end up performing at the Haiti benefit last night because they couldn't get us an amp for our keyboard (!?) I have to say that not being able to locate an amp is a bad omen for an evening that is trying to help a ravaged country, don't you think? Anyway, instead I went along to the Stonewall bar in the West Village for the Stonewall Democrats of New York 4th Annual Women's Awards.  Stonewall is, of course, the location of the birth of the gay rights' movement in the US, and so it was great to be there honoring women who have done so much for the causes of equality and democracy.