Sunday 24 Jan 10

Last night the universe did not smile on me. Well, that is not true.  I had a great evening, I just didn't get tickets for Lady Gaga.  But tonight we have them and soon are off to Radio City to worship at the altar of Gaga.  Last night I met up with some friends and we ate and drank our way round Hell's Kitchen. Everyone was very amused when a girl came up to me in a bar and told me she'd been a fan since she was yay high, and indicated the height of a child of about 3, which made me feel very old despite the kindness she intended. I guess with a  birthday looming I am a little more sensitive than usual.  And also I guess the girl really had been a fan of mine since she was an infant.

Today I did the L'Uomo Vogue shoot which was such fun, and I made a little film about it, below.  I am going to keep the make-up on for the Gaga show.  It will be a good disguise/homage to the Lady.