Happy birthday to me

Wednesday 27 Jan 10

Today is a very exciting day. Not only is it the day I was born but if you look above you, you will see a new section of alancumming.com entitled Ask Alan.  If you click on it you will see that you will be able to email me a question or a comment and I will try to answer or include them on this blog.  So we can literally (and literally) communicate, dear readers!  So go on, askalan away!!  I am standing by for your queries!

I have just spent a freezing few hours being mean to a girl on a street in Brooklyn. My toes went numb. It was all in the name of art though, and no minors were harmed.  I'd forgotten how hard it is to act in the cold.

Ok , it's my birthday, and it's also nearly your last chance to vote for me in the Whatsonstage.com awards.  I am nominated for Best Solo Performance for my show I Bought A Blue Car Today at the Vaudeville Theatre in London last September. What a lovely birthday present it would be, wouldn't it?

Earlier today I had a lovely massage but kept waking myself up with snorting, bloodhound-style noises.  There was also more than a little drool. Very 45 year old behaviour.

On Sunday my friend Josh Wood and I are celebrating our birthdays at his 747 night in NYC, baby! It should be a great night as Junior Vasquez is spinning AND 10% of the proceeds are going towards helping Haiti.