Thursday 28 Jan 10

Thanks so much for your great response to thew new Ask Alan feature on the site.  I got so many questions and also birthday wishes, it was a little overwhleming! I loved the youtube videos too, always nice to see your life flash before your eyes!  So thanks everybody. I really appreciate it. Here are a few of the questions people asked that I thought you'd like to see...

Miguel from Berlin asks about the movie I am about to do, Burlesque:  Well, I go to LA next week to start shooting my role and I am very excited. I have already recorded one of the songs I sing, and had costume fittings back in December.  I play Alexis, the door man of the burlesque club run by Cher, and where Christina Aguilera becomes the star turn.  It's been reported that he is sort of similar to the Emcee in Cabaret, and I have to say that isn't really the case, but he's still fun! I will be blogging more once I start shooting.

Eleanor asks when The Tempest will be in cinemas:  I finished The Tempest about a year ago and although I am not certain of the exact date of its release, I have heard some rumours about it being in the Cannes film festival in May, and it definitely will be released later this year.  Again, as soon as I know, I'll tell you. I am excited to see it too. The film is directed by Julie Taymor and is an adaptation of Shakespeare's play. Helen Mirren plays Prospera, and the cast also includes the brilliant Chris Cooper, Russell Brand, Djimon Hounsou and soon-to-be Spiderman on Broadway, Reeve Carney

Renée from The Netherlands asks what was the funniest character I played in a movie:  Well, that's hard.  In terms of what I think of as funny, as in funny peculiar and most bizarre to me, I would have to say Frandsen in Sweet Land. He was a kind of nutty farmer from Minnesota with 9 kids and I loved playing him.  In terms of funny hilarious, I really liked the character Jeff Constant in the movie Ripley Under Ground.  He was a sort of crazed, coke-head art dealer, and I had a lot of fun with him.

Mary Morgenson asks what time of day I was born : I spoke to my Mum and she said it was 8.20 am

Chelsea from the UK asks if I am planning on writing another book (my novel, Tommy's Tale, was published in 2003) or doing an autobiography: Actually Chelsea, just a second ago I had a guilt pang about writing this blog entry when I should really be working on my book.  I have two things I am working on right now. One is a children's book about my dogs called The Adventures of Honey and Leon.  The other is in some ways autobiographical, a sort of book of stories about things that have happened to me, almost a literary version of the stories I told in my show I Bought A Blue Car Today

Ann from Russia asks if I want to go to Russia: Are you kidding me? I am longing to.  I was supposed to go to St Petersburg when I was shooting Goldeneye, but there was a problem with insurance and none of the actors were allowed to go. But I want to take the train from Moscow to St Petersburg.  I also really want to go on the Trans-Siberian Express

Lindsey from Wisconsin asks when will I come to Wisconsin:  When Wisconsin is ready and asks me!

Agos from Argentina asks if I am going to be in any more X Men movies, and where he can see me getting my Nightcrawler make-up applied,  and is  there is an extended version of the Floop song from Spy Kids, and what are my plans for the rest of the year: That's a long question. 1) Well, I haven't heard about any more X Men movies. I was supposed to be in the third one but that didn't pan out for various reasons which I don't fully understand, I just know that the studio didn't pick up my option. I have heard rumours about an X Men: Origins movie for Nightcrawler, but nothing official.  2) If you want to see my make-up being applied, there is a DVD extra  from X2 which shows the whole thing, even me falling asleep during it! 3) The only version of the Floop song is the one that is in the movie and on the soundtrack CD. 4) My plans for the rest of the year are slightly in flux because I am still waiting for the official start date for Spiderman on Broadway.  But I will be shooting the movie Burlesque, and after that I have some more episodes to do of The Good Wife.  I'll also be doing some more performances of my show with my band around America.  Basically watch this space!!

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