Friday 29 Jan 10

I am very greateful today to Nancy for finding me the link to the picture of me and Martha Stewart that I couldn't lay my hands on last week.  Here it is...

Aren't we pretty? Thanks Nancy too, for leading me to this quote I gave about our beloved Martha:

Martha Stewart is my role model. I want to be the queer Martha. I want to have aprons and garden tools and measuring spoons with my name on them. I want to go to prison and wear ponchos my cellmates have made me. I want to rule the world.

Nothing much changed there.

I have been very interested in all the commentary about the State of the Union address.  Beforehand I was really dismayed about the way everyone was so down on Obama, and seemed to have forgotten that a) he has only been in office for a year b) he inherited America in the worst state it has ever been in on so many levels c) he is not Superman, and no matter how much he wants to get something passed he cannot succeed if the Senate does not go with him.

It seemed to me as if Americans didn't really understand their political system.  Obama is not an oligarch, he is not an autocrat.  He is a leader, yes, but he has to answer to a great many other elected officals.  I don't like this idea that all the blame and all the frustration can be directed at one person, especially when this person is quite obviously not the cause of the grief we are all suffering.  Of course, yes, he could have done more, and better. Yes, he had made mistakes. But the gloomy projections before Wednesday that no matter what he said, he, the Democrats and society in general was on a downward slide towards doom was really alarming to me.

But Obama did what he is supposed to do: he led.  He provoked, inspired and lead us. He even did so to some of the people who refuse to even acknowledge that anything he says could be good or positive for America, the people who want him to fail not because they disagree with parts of his policies or have better ideas, but because they just want to win.  For them the glory of victory is far more important than the welfare of the country.

Of course Obama cannot do all the things he wants to do.  But the fact that he wants to do them, that he inspires people by saying what he feels and what he knows is wrong and unjust, that, for me, is the first step of the way.  For me, just to know, just to be reminded that Obama has such ideals and hopes for massive change makes me put aside my gripes and anger about his failure to do things he has promised in the time frame he set out.

I understand that the message he gives by reminding us that he still wants these things is hope. Hope!  Ok, the health reform bill will not be as radical and far-reaching as we thought, but let's hope a bill is passed that will change some people's lives for the better! What is with this all or nothing sentiment?  To come out after 8 years of division and corruption and not imagine that those forces of corruption and division and big business and hatred are still around doing all they can to stop change is very foolish.  We must be vigilant, we must be strong and patient.  We still have much to fight for, much to lose but so much to gain.

Cat asks:
Do you really write your own blogs and do you have pics of your dogs wearing their rain coats?

Uh, who the heck do you think this is?  My avatar?  Of course, it's me!  And I didn't take any photos the other day in the rain, but I will be posting some Honey and Leon pictures soon. They have a large portfolio and the world needs to see it.

Cat also asks if there is a CD of The Threepenny Opera that i did on Broadway in 2006, and the answer is a big fat no, alas.  Actually, if anyone out there has a bootleg, I'd love to hear it!

Finally Fred from MX (does that mean Mexico?) asks what was it like working with Joel Grey on the Kander and Ebb tribute at the Kennedy Center Awards, and is Jane Horrocks as nice as she seems?

Well, Fred 1) Terrifying 2) Jane Horrocks is one of the funniest, nicest people I've ever known. She always speaks her mind, and would be one of those people you know would always be there for you if you were in a jam. I love her.

See below for the terror...