I mean, come on!

Tuesday 2 Feb 10

I am writing this from my trailer on the set of Burlesque.  So far I have done one tiny scene with Peter Gallagher and some extras, in which I wore a skin-tight shirt that made me look like I was tattooed, a sort of skirt with zips, boots with spats, a tweed vest and black gloves.  Oh, and a lot of eye liner.  It is quite the schizophrenic experience going between this character (he's called Alexis) and my political analyst in a suit with greying temples in the The Good Wife (he's called Eli Gold).  I am now wearing Comme des Garcons pants that are so baggy they look like a skirt, a black and white stripy sweater, suspenders, boot and spats again, and a big long shiny black coat with a bowler hat with a little red feather in its brim perched on my head at a jaunty angle.  I have christened the look Edwardian club kid.  Just saw the lovely Stanley Tucci and was able to congratulate him on this morning's Oscar nomination. I think I meet Cher in this next scene!

It is so galling to hear this man blatantly lie.  He was a terrible Mayor of New York City, he threw people out of their homes, very nearly ruined the entire fabric of the city and now, since his political career has disintegrated, why do we even have to hear the bilge this man spews? Joe Biden was so right when he said that Guiliani only ever mentioned a noun, a verb and 9/11. Now he can't even do that accurately. 

Below Guiliani is today's random youtube video, which also answers a few questions that have come via Ask Alan...