Grumpy old man

Monday 15 Feb 10

I don't know if it is age, but I was appalled by the athletes streaming into the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics.  They all had their cameras and videos out, were filming away AND loads of them were chewing gum. It almost felt that there had been a camera and a gum sponsor handing out swag as the athletes passed, like a drug dealer in a schoolyard.

I just think marching into an arena representing your country would preclude you from behavng like a teenage girl at a Miley Cyrus concert.  I also feel that our obsessive (and I say 'our' for I include myself in it) filming of everything about ourselves as it is happening to us is going to eventually make us incapable of having a real, genuine experience because we will only be able to do so by watching the experience being played back later.  I know I sound like a grumpy grandad but I think it is a great honour to represent your country and one not to be disresepected or treated casually, and so I would like to advocate a camera and gum ban for the closing ceremony.

Thank you. And now random Youtube video of the day, in which Honey and Leon steal the show once more...