Up In The Air

Thursday 18 Feb 10

Below is the latest Chic Report that my friend Eddie makes.  I have a cursing cameo this week...

Also,  I am flying on American Airlines this afternoon and so going to test my 'American Airlines are mean' theory.  Thus far, I asked a man a question about the check-in location and he was monosyllabic, so check! Then the lady who checked me in was beyond grumpy, so check!  However the lady who checked me in to the lounge was very nice although she said she was a fan and I feel that negates her niceness because of extentuating circumstances.  The barman in the lounge who made my Bloody Mary was curt (I always have a Bloody Mary in an airline lounge. It's a ritual now, and also takes the edge off of any nerves about hurtling through the skies in a flimsy metal-fatigued cylinder), so check!  I'm about to board so it's up to the flight attendants to turn it around.  What do you think will happen?

Please don't forget to buy Tupperware for Haiti...

For two whole weeks until Thursday 4th March, if you go to Maria's Tupperware page, ALL the proceeds of what you buy will go directly to Haiti Relief. Isn't that great? No commission or anything! Every cent goes straight to Haiti. So please get buying some cool plastic and help the earthquake victims at the same time.  And tell your friends!  And stop press! If you order by Friday 26th, you'll get a free gift on top of whatever you order!! Woo Hoo! (Can you see now why my party was such a hit?!)

And I am still scared of that girl who won the gold medal for ski-ing last night.  I think she is a robot.