Friday 19 Feb 10

This blog entry is a little late.  I am only saying it is Friday so that I don't break my New Year's resolution of doing an entry every single day. I did say that I would try and do an entry whenever possible and today was just not possible because I have been filming till 3am or so and had no way of getting online.  So there. But sometimes I pre-empt days like today by writing an entry the night before but last night I was on a plane and just exhausted when I got to the hotel. Oh woe is me, alack a day, blah blah blah.

First of all I should say that the American Airlines flight attendants couldn't have been nicer!  I am now wondering if the fact that I flew from Boston has anything to do with the unusual geniality. I think not. I think I just had a bad run. However, the food still left a lot to be desired. If like me, you're a vegetarian, and you tire of the cheese-drenched pasta that is normally offered on planes and so you try to be a clever clogs and order a vegan meal instead, don't waste your time doing so on AA. What you will get is a few oil-soaked slices of squash to start followed by a main course of white rice and some carrots and broccoli overcooked to the point of utter surrender. I had to blow my vegan cover and ask for some of the creamy salad dressing just to make the rice almost edible.  But hey, I was given the dressing with a smile.

I was in Boston to shoot this year's introductions for Masterpiece Mystery. (I am the host of Masterpiece Mystery, y'all). For the past few years I have gone there on the train and spent a couple of days. This year the train journey was so beautiful because of the snow.  It reminded me of the beginning of Valley of the Dolls. The people at WGBH are so nice and I really enjoy coming out of the shadows and doing my caustic and enigmatic intros. Also it's lovely to spend time with a couple of my friends who groom and style me and who I don't get to see as often as I'd like. 

Oh, those of you who are in Edinburgh must be having a visual feast right now.  Carry A Poem, the campaign I am fronting to encourage peeps to read more poetry and indeed to carry poems around with them, has started projecting lines of poetry on landmarks in Edinburgh, like the castle.  Isn't it a great idea?

Tupperware for Haiti alert!! For two whole weeks until Thursday 4th March, if you go to Maria's Tupperware page, ALL the proceeds of what you buy will go directly to Haiti Relief. Isn't that great? No commission or anything! Every cent goes straight to Haiti. So please get buying some cool plastic and help the earthquake victims at the same time.  And tell your friends!  And stop press! If you order by Friday 26th, you'll get a free gift on top of whatever you order!! Woo Hoo! (Can you see now why my party was such a hit?!)

Finally, please remember to watch (if you live in Scotland) When Alan Cumming Met Stanley Baxter at 8.15 pm Saturday 20th on BBC2.  It's fun. Okay, that's all folks.  I am knackered. I have been luring Chrisina Aguilera into a Burlesque club all day. Life's a bitch.