Saturday 20 Feb 10

I am a bit sore.

I have been leaping on and off bars (sober) and having girls boobs and crotches shoved into my face all day (and it's been a while!).  The reason is that on Monday I shoot not just one but two, count them, numbers for the movie Burlesque that I am working on right now. The schedule is slightly insane so I am rather scared of the state of mind I will be in come Monday evening, but hey ho. I am having a lot of fun, and that's the important thing.

 I always think that about films.  It's so much more important to enjoy the experience of them than to project about the outcome of them.  These scenes may be cut from the film, the film may be a disaster, it may be a huge success, it may never be released.  What matters is the now and I am enjoying working with the lovely dancers -  many of the boys worked on Michael Jackson's This Is It show, and Victoria and Shannon the lovely contortionists.

It's always funny to hear about your life going on without you.  My friend Eddie and a couple of other friends are round at our place in NYC tonight having dinner. My dog Honey is especially pleased about Eddie being there as he is her favourite.  There is something so nice about knowing that people you love are all getting together, even though you can't be with them. 

I was sent this first video below the other day from  Please send it to as many people as you know, especially those who are anti this adminsitration and ask them to watch with an open heart. It is pretty amazing, and I think we all need to remember we are in the grip of a trend against anything hopeful, even from the left, right now.

Remember to buy Tupperware for Haiti (see below)

And did anyone watch my Stanley Baxter show?  I forgot that it was on BBC2 Scotland and you had to find the special regional button on Sky to watch it in the rest of the UK. Woops.  How was it, peeps?

I am off to a party. Tomorrow I must excercise and stretch and then rest up cos I have a 5.30am call on Monday. Can you imagine?

And here, after the Obama vid,  is a little 50s musical condom commercial I made with my friend Ned,  and was in with Ricki Lake.  It also has an important message...