Clothes, Persecution, Booze, Plastic

Friday 26 Feb 10


I can hear a dog crying somewhere in the hills above my hotel.  It has a little wail for a minute and then presumably feels so desperate and sad that it can't summon up the energy to wail any more and so it stops, then after about ten minutes it will start again. It's very distressing. I wish its owner would come home and give it a cuddle.

Last night I attended the Costume Designers' Guild Awards in LA.  I gave the Swarovski award to the lovely Emily Blunt. It was a really nice night. We remembered a friend no longer with us (the designer Robert Turturice) and I also ran into a slew of old chums. Here I am with the director Rob Mashall and the actress Anna Kendrick from Up In The Air, and also, as I realised last night, Camp, a hilarious film about one of those rather scary summer camps where kids go and do nothing but sing Broadway musicals.

You may not realise it but in this picture I am committing a cardinal sin in celebrity culture: I am holding a glass of wine in a photograph!!  It's true.  You never see celebs with booze in any of these party pics. This is because publicists snatch anything resembling a liquid from our hands as soon as a photographer comes near us. I have never understood this. What message are we sending to the world?  Famous people don't drink? We are even more plastic than you might have suspected and in fact need no sustenance of any sort whatsoever?  We never relax? We go to parties but merely hug each other in straight lines and smile into lenses? I think it's weird. And publicists never want their client to be the one that breaks this mould, so they insist on grabbing your booze away just at the moment the first flash goes off so you are discombobulated and cannot argue with them. Last night I was publicist-free and look what happened!!

I was wondering with Rob and Anna about why this weird habit exists, and Rob said that maybe it's because pictures like this one could be used as proof in the future of my licentious nature, were I ever to be fired or go to rehab or have a sex tape or get a DUI and call the police officer 'sugar lips' or something.  I suppose that could be right, but I think we should all rebel and get our photos taken whilst throwing back shots and eating french fries.

It was lovely to see Rob. He directed and choreographed me in Cabaret on Broadway and Annie on TV. He is one of the nicest people on the planet, and has a remarkable and rare gift for making you feel really confident about things that you aren't very good at. He is also a real laugh and can dish. My kinda guy. He got an award from Nicole Kidman for collaboration with the costume designer Collen Atwood.  You may wonder why, at a costume designers' award ceremony, an actress and a director are getting gongs, but rest assured that there were lots of other awards that were purely for designers. These two were sort of costume designer allies awards.

I said in my speech that costume designers help me form my character (or caricature in some cases) because they are usually the first people from the production you actually interact with artistically -  in your fitting -  and often I have no idea what I am going to do and then I am bombarded with their ideas of not just how my character should look, but how the film or play or TV show as a whole should feel.  So I don't just rely on them, I depend on them.  And they sometimes give you free clothes. So hurrah!

 The other evening in New York, my friends Robert and Matthew held an evening to raise money and awareness about the plight of gay people in Iraq. It really is so shocking and frightening. Basically gangs are going around torturing and killing gay people, and these crimes are largely being ignored by the authorities.  If you'd like to find out more or see what you can do to help, go to the Human Rights Watch website. You'll also find out about other human rights violations in other countries. It's actually quite overwhelming how ugly the world can be, but please try and help out.

And please remember to buy Tupperware for Haiti!! Apparently quite a few if you have visitied the page below, but the sales have been a bit disappointing, so please, stock up for Chritsmas gifts, it's for a really needy cause.....Until Thursday 4th March, if you go to Maria's Tupperware page, ALL the proceeds of what you buy will go directly to Haiti Relief. Isn't that great? No commission or anything! Every cent goes straight to Haiti!! So please, please get buying some cool plastic and help the earthquake victims at the same time.  And tell your friends!  forwrd them the link! And stop press! If you order by Friday 26th, you'll get a free gift on top of whatever you order!! Woo Hoo!

Today I did yoga and hung upside down on some ropes for about five minutes. It's amazing what that can do for a boy. Obviously the blood rushes to your brain so you feel giddy afterwards,s but you're also giving you organs a rest and I always have some of my most interesting thoughts upside down. I have been known to do handstands when I am out in bars (see the song Next To Me for evidence of this) and I realise that I want to go upside down because my body knows it will feel more awake and invigorated after doing so.  Try it! But be careful!