..open yout golden gates...

Sunday 28 Feb 10

I forgot to mention that I am going to be performing my cabaret show in New York again, at Feinsteins at the Regency from June 15 -26th. I have been to Feinstein's only twice (both times to see Lynda Carter!) and it really is one of those amazing, peculiarly New York experiences. I loved it. So I'm looking forward to doing my show there, and especially as we'll be doing the more chamber version that we did in Australia at the end of last year, with just me, Lance Horne on the piano and Yair Evnine on the cello. I just love that combo of sounds and also the way it dictates the choice of songs. I think it will be amazing to be that intimate (and vulnerable) with an audience so close to you, and who are hopefully already a few sheets to the wind and more prone to getting emotional. You can buy tickets here.

I'll also be doing some dates in Los Angeles and San Francisco in June,  and details will be announced soon.

On Tuesday my first episode as Eli Gold in CBS' The Good Wife will air at 10pm. Check it out, y'all.

I am in San Francisco today. There was even a tsunami warning here yesterday. The very first time I came here was in 1996 to visit a friend who was making a film.  I stayed the night on a little boat moored to one of the peers that you could rent, and they brought you breakfast in the morning. It was magical.  I like the feeling of sleeping in boats and this one was so small (in bed you could touch the ceiling with your hands, and the sides of the walls with your feet) that it meant that every little wave lap went through your body. I was staggering when I got off and returned to terra firma.

Last night I was flipping through channels on TV and came across Titanic. Maybe it was because so much of yesterday I was thinking about water and natural disasters, but I was instantly hooked and watched it till the bitter end.  I had fogotten how there is a section about twenty minutes long when the only dialogue is either 'Jack' or 'Rose', repeated and repeated and repeated. It was  like a Philip Glass piece.  I also remembered that I had gone to see this film when it came out in the cinema in 1998 with my firend Sam Mendes, who I was working with at the time on Cabaret.  And he is now married to Kate Winslett. Funny old world, innit?