Plastic nudity on film

Monday 1 Mar 10

My friend Lance Horne, who is the musical director of my cabaret show and a brilliant composer to boot, is currently in Australia performing with Meow Meow at the Mardi Gras festival, and today he took part in one of Spencer Tunick's massive nude photographs, where thousands of people come together at some world landmark. This latest one was on the steps of the Sydney Opera House and Lance was in it!! You can watch a little film about it here.  I think he's fascinating.

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Leonard Maltin, one of the most respected film critics working today, has just released his new book THE 151 BEST MOVIES YOU'VE NEVER SEEN, a list compiled from the past 20 years.  And I'm very proud to say that one of the films is Ali Selim's Sweet Land, which I produced and am in.  Hurrah!  So hopefully more people will see it now. Here's a taster...