oh, hi!

Wednesday 3 Mar 10

I am in Ojai! I have come away from the smog and the showbiz frenzy of Oscar week in LA for a night to visit friends on their ranch. They have massive rosemary bushes everywhere and it's a little damp right now so when I went out to the car to get my computer, the smell of wet grass and rosemary was absolutely delicious. It beats Sunset Boulevard hands down. I have come with one of my oldest (though she's not that old) friends, Whitney, and her dog, Bowie.  It's so nice to be here and have a night off from my real life.

Although I have to say last night was a dreamy evening. I had a little party in my hotel suite and I invited a load of friends and it was one of those really special nights: people from all over the world and all over the map artistically, culturally, sexuality and age-wise, but everyone just had a blast.  Loads of Scottish people were there too, which was very nice to be having a wee bit of the homeland in Hell A.  The boys from the band Glasvegas ended up there and they were darlings. And the lovely Karen Black came along and charmed the crowd.  I would like to publicly apologise to the maid who had to clean up the room this morning.

Now....my blog has been translated into Russian!!!! Thanks to whoever did this. Check it out and tell your Russian-speaking friends.

Also....my guest DJ spot that I did for KCRW is available to be listened to here.

I am off to smell the air again.

And here is a masterclass on award acceptance speeches. I am chanting we'll get more of this over the weekend.