Friday 5 Mar 10

I am in the middle of Oscar frenzy.

This has been my day: woke up. Started dealing with a million emails and calls, which included having to read a script and decide whether I wanted to pursue the project in the space that it normally takes to eat an apple.

Then I had to drive [in LA!!] for a meeting with the writing staff of THE GOOD WIFE. It was really fascinating to meet the people behind the show. I was really delighted to find out that 80% of them are women. No accident that it's a big hit, huh girls? We talked a bit about where the story is going and what's going to happen to my character, which of course I cannot divulge on this blog. Just let me say I feel crazed with power.

Then I had to go and have lunch and read another script on my computer without my glasses, whilst stuffing a burrito down my face.

Before my body had time to adjust to the onslaught, I had to drive to SONY Studios [where I had just finished filming BURLESQUE] and start work on THE SMURFS movie. Yes, that's right, I am to be the voice of Gutsy Smurf in the forthcoming top international picture THE SMURFS. He's Scottish and wears a kilt. And I am very honored to be representing my homeland in this way.

Right now, I am driving [I am dictating this, don't worry] back to the hotel to be groomed and spruced and then I'll be driven to the Independent Spirit Awards, which you can watch live at 8PM Pacific/11PM Eastern on IFC. I'm really looking forward to sitting down at my table and starting my weekend of Oscar party-going because this week has been a frenzy.

Here now for your enjoyment is a link to some dogs in slow motion.....