Happy Oscar Day y'all!

Sunday 7 Mar 10

Via Ask Alan: My name is Ming-Shan,Hsieh, live in Taiwan. Although I've just known you only for about 4 years,You are my favorite actor indeed. I like the way you perform, talk, singing and your personality. I try hard to collect all of your works like DVDs and albums as I can. I also made a fan website about you in Chinese..but unfortunately,the free space of yahoo was cancelled months ago. I'll set one again in future! ^___^ I say "future" because I'm going to Australia today for working holiday 1 year, must to be very busy. Knowing you have shows there sometimes, hope i can see you there. Maybe take a picture with you? I hope.^__^ And,I drew a picture in computer about your movie characters many years ago and wanted to send it to you. Now I'm glad I have this chance.:)  Best wishes for you. May the joy and happiness around you, and feel free and happy everyday, forever and ever

On Oscar day I think it's only proper that I have visual stimulation in my blog entry. Below is a little clip from this past week's episode of The Good Wife, which includes my introduction to the series. I will continue to appear on this CBS show, which stars Julianna Marguiles and Chris Noth.

And then there is a clip which is an advertisement for the DVD release of the TV series in which I made my professional debut as an actor in 1984, Travelling Man. Yes, 1984, when many of you were not even born. I was only 19.  The clip (in which I do not appear) looks so incredibly dated both in style and content, especially when viewed next to The Good Wife one.  But hey, that's life.  Everything must change.

And here I am arriving at the Chanel dinner in LA last night. I am actually rocking a Dior shirt, let's keep that to ourselves.