Ask Alan!

Monday 8 Mar 10

You may not have noticed, but last night was the Oscars.  I watched the show at Elton John's party which was a real laugh, and at the after-party the legend that is Grace Jones performed.  Woah! The red carpet was enormous, and actually the corridor of press reminded me of one of those long, clinical stretches at an airport. My favourite part was chatting with old friends Mel B, formerly of the Spice Girls, and Ross King, who bizzarely I had seen hours before interviewing me in the Youtube clip below.  After Elton's we went to Madonna and Demi's bash, which was insane. Aside from everyone being super-famous, there was also the spectacle of Madonna on the dancefloor, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem in fancy dress and me doing handstands against the floor to ceiling glass doors.  A very good time was had by all, especially I sense by my friend Greg, who was clutching the Oscar he won for producing The Hurt Locker.  I got to hold it!


Katie from Carnoustie: Hiyah, my name's katie and i go to carnoustie high school. The school has just been done up and it aint that good, but then agian it didnt look good at the start, lol. I was just wondering what you thought of the school when you went there?  I thought it was the height of sophistication! I guess having lived in the country, a 1970s municipal school building was pretty glamourous for me!  What have they done to it?

Mike and Frank: We saw your wonderful performance in BENT in the Trafalgar Studios in London which we loved. WeI have one quick question which we hope you can answer. Do you prefer Gay themed work as opposed to anything else or any other type of theme? When can weI see you  perform live  in the UK again? I don't prefer gay-themed work over non-gay themed.  I don't really think about it in that way. I am drawn to work that I feel has something to say and I am passionate about, and obviously gay stuff falls into that group, but it's not a deal breaker for me.  Not sure when I will be back in the UK.  There's a chance I may take my cabaret show to the Edinburgh festival, but I will keep you all posted.

Hello, mr. Cumming. I'm sorry for my English, but I think, that it is forgivable for russian girl. I'm sure, that you tired of trite compliments, sed I can't hold on myself. Before your Suffering Man's Charity, I thought, that shall never call a male over 40 attractive (I'm 19). But I must say, you are beautiful. After that masterpiece I watched and rewatched a lot of films with you. You are a brilliant man, and I wish you will live long, happy and fruitful life.
Catherine. P. S. In fact, I don't realy believe, that you read such staf, and feel very silly.
  It really is me!! And bless you!

Jessica: Hey.I have two questions: One,how come there was only ever 1 series of the high life??? I love it so much and wish there was more!  There was only one series because we didn't want to do another one.   Actually, to be honest, I was the one who ultimately didn't want to do it again. I really enjoyed it and am very proud of it, but by the time it came out there were other things happening for me work-wise, and also we had made a pact not to do a second series during the writing of it when we felt that the BBC weren't really getting us.


Tess from B.C.: if you were able to change the world, not in a physical sense, but through people, what would it be?  I would make people have more capabilites of imagination: to imagine what it would be like to be in someone else's shoes, to feel prejudice or injustice that others do.  I really think that if there was more of that we'd be sorted.

Liana from San Francisco Bay Area: Where does your lap go when you stand up?  To lapland?!

In all your life as a Movie and Theater star,  have you ever wished that you could just have a quiet non famous life? Yes, quite often.  But what is there to be done?  I actually had quite a big freak-out about it five years  ago and I realised that even if I were to stop making films or doing plays tomorrow, the legacy  of what I'd done would stay with me for many years to come so it is a little bit fruitless an idea

And here's a 1995 interview I did on the BBC.  Ah, youth!!