Sunday night

Sunday 14 Mar 10

Last night I hosted the GLAAD awards in New York City. It was a really invigorating and moving evening.  There were amazing speeches from Elke Kennedy, whose son Sean was murdered in a hate crime in North Carolina nearly three years ago (find out about how Elke has turned this tragedy into a crusade for education and tolerance at and from the brother of Brendan Burke, the out hockey player who recently died in a car accident. Then there was Joy Behar being hilarious, Cynthia Nixon being intelligent and passionate and gorgeous. It was a truly inspiring night, but also a lot of fun, and a big night for redheads, come to think of it. Here I am pictured with Jarrett Barrios, GLAAD's president, and a lady who is in Real Housewives of New York, and not -as I luckily did not say aloud but thought mistakenly - Desperate Housewives. Part of my hosting duties was to sing a medley of songs with new LGBT-themed lyrics. It was sort of nerve-wracking but I really enjoyed it (all part of my new life as a crooner since I Bought A Blue Car Today!)  Please note the outfit change between the red carpet and the show.  Thank you G-Star!!


Before I went to the GLAAD awards I popped over to rainy Brooklyn to do a photo shoot for a really great organisation called Save A Life.  Some very inspiring young people are making a documentary that will work towards bringing about equality for homosexual men in good health to be allowed to donate blood and vital organs to anyone in need.  I don't think many people are aware that in the US (and many other countries, including my homeland of Scotland) there is a blanket ban on gay men donating blood, regardless of their HIV status.  Also, I didn't realise that if I died my organs would not be used in any potential transplant procedure that might save a life - even though I carry my driver's licence with instructions to do so on it - purely because of my sexual orientation. Isn't that insane? Go to and find out more. There's a section of the site where you can sign a petition and also gives you details of how to write to the FDA about this heinous law.

Today was Morther's Day in the UK. It's really annoying that Mother's Day isn't the same day the world over. It's been a close call a couple of times since moving to the States for me to have remembered, and that would have been very bad.  Luckily my brother is good at reminding me and also now we have a special alarm thing on my office computer.  Anyway, I had a lovely long chat with my Mum today. She really is a darling.  Actually she really is. Her name is Mary Darling.  This picture of us was taken last year when she presented me with the National trust for Scotland's Great Scot award in NYC. Happy Mother's Day, Mary D. x