Rufus and Feinstein's

Tuesday 16 Mar 10

Last night I had another of those amazing New York evenings.  I went to the Rose Room at the Gramercy Park Hotel to see Rufus Wainwright sing his new album in its entirety. It was absolutely stunning! He  sat at the paino surrounded by strewn red roses and candles and performed these beautiful, haunting songs as only he can. I realised I have known Rufus for ten years.  I met him one evening in Los Angeles outside a club. I had been to a premiere of a film I was in that day, and in those situations you usually get to keep the car they send for you and take it wherever you want to go for the rest of the night. So I took a few friends and out clubbing we jolly well went. One of the boys in my posse was in a wheelchair and I was trying to get the wheelchair into the limo when suddenly I heard someone calling me and I see this leggy figure bounding toward me shouting 'Alan, it's Rufus!'.  We had never met before, but I had been given his eponymous first album and just thought it was magical and so I knew what he looked like from the photo on the CD.  I remember saying 'Oh! I love you!'. And that was that.  He got in the limo with us and we went off to some party. (PS, here I am last night with Christian Serriano)

Rufus is just fascinating. Whatever he does, he does with such passion and such individuality and utter, utter skill. Last night his piano playing was astounding. It was as though he was playing these incredible concertos AND singing on top of them. He really has moved onto another level in his song-writing. I was so full of admiration.  He is about to go on tour in Europe now so look out for him, and the new album, which is called All Days Are nights: Songs for Lulu and is in stores April 20th.


Also there has been a change in the schedule for my run Feinstein's at the Regency. I am now performing April 27th-May 1st and then June 22nd-26th. For those of you who booked for the week that has had to be cancelled, Feinstein's will be contacting you offering wither a refund or tickets to the week in April.  And if they haven't you should call the box office at 212-339-4095.  For those of you who haven't booked tickets yet, why not? Click here at once!, the obsession-based site that I am involved with has launched some ads that show the sicknesses of some well-known people. I am shooting mine in the next couple of weeks but will keep the object of my obsession secret for now. Here's the lovely Marissa Tomei coming clean about hers...Don't forget to go to the site and explore. It's growing and getting bigger and better every day