Martha, Joan and soup

Friday 3 Dec 10

Today I have been pottering around reading and thinking and writing and eating a ton of soup.  I have also been staring at a lovely glittery wreath that my new bff Martha Stewart and I made the other day and you can watch us doing so this morning on TV.  insaaaaane. And the night before I had the Marthafest I went out on the town with Joan Collins so that was totally hilarious as you can imagine. And now, almost karmically I am talking only to my dogs and am leading a spartan and cleansing life for a couple of days in the Catskill mountains. Yin and yang baby.  Martha/Joan and soup.

But showbiz fabulousness did manage to penetrate my bucolic idyll. I was nominated for a Satellite award today for my performance in The Good Wife.

And talk show addicts may like to know I will also be on the George Lopez show next Wednesday.