He who seeks beauty shall find it

Wednesday 23 Mar 11

I just saw a really amazing film Bill Cunningham New York, about the New York Times fashion and social life photographer. He is a really amazing man, so immersed in his work and without any interest in the celebrity detritus that the fashion world engenders.  I have seen him out and about for years, and actually the very first time that myself and my now husband Grant were photographed together was by him for the New York Times.  At one point in the film he receives a great honour in Paris and says 'He who seeks beauty shall find it' and I think that is such an admirable and sensible mantra to live your life by.  Right now for example, I have beauty lying at my feet. The walk home from the cinema in the snow (yes, NYC is wintry again) was full of beauty.

 And talking of beauty, let's raise a glass to the lovely Liz Taylor who died today.  A few weeks ago she was honored at the AmFar gala in NYC.  She was too sick to attend but I was reminded about how she really founded the HIV/AIDS movement as we know it in this country by being the first celebrity to speak out and start raising cash for research and care.  I met her once at a birthday party for Carrie Fisher. I was early, for once, and Liz arrived next. Carrie was running around doing last minute hostess things so I was entrusted with, as she put it 'flanking the legend'. We had a good old chat.  She had recently fallen, another in a litany of ailments and accidents she seemed plagued with throughout her life, and she described to me how her maid had moved a chair and she sat down at the table thinking it was still there and then fell to the ground. 'Was there a lot of pain?' I asked. Her other-worldy, beautiful violet eyes widened. 'Pain?', she said.  'You have never seen such a black ass!'  'Oh, Elizabeth', I retorted. 'I bet I have'.  I still remember her cackle.

Photo by Steve Vaccariello

Here's a little video from the Center Dinner I attended the other evening.