very up front

Friday 20 May 11

I attended the CBS upfronts yesterday in NYC. OMSBJ is all I have to say.

First of all there was a presentaion at Carnegie Hall where they unveiled the new shows and new time slots (The Good Wife is moving to Sundays  at 9pm), and then we moved to Lincoln Center for a part of the day that I can only describe as like being at a country fair, with the advertisers wandering around looking into various pens wherein the actors from the shows sat. If the advertisers wanted a picture with said actors, the rope that surrounded the pen was lifted and they were let in and were allowed to pet the actor, as it were.  It was all I could do to stop myself bleating. Then there was a big party where I caught up with lots of old friends. I also went ot the party of my friends at Kiehl's who are launching a new thing called Kiehls Gives.

 Here I am with Demetre who is an amazing guy who does great work in HIV/AIDS prevention and sex education, causes that Kiehl's support too.  One time at their Gay Pride party he came wearing a gold sweater and gold pants and he looked like an Oscar.


And here is a video I made the other day.  It is very calming, especially as the allergies I was suffering that day do not need to be endured to remember the nice time I had.