in LA

Saturday 18 Apr 09

It's Saturday and I am sitting in the beigest hotel suite I have ever seen, in downtown LA, where I have come to give a GLAAD award tonight to the girls from The L Word.  It should be a fun evening.

I am having some issues with this hotel. Last night when I came home I couldn't get in to the building.  All the doors were locked and it was only after a complicated series of phone calls and driving round the block to a different entrance that I was able to run up the stairs and actually enter. I felt like Rocky running up those steps in Philadelphia.  Then this morning I managed to lock myself out of both the rooms that make up my suite, wearing only a tank top that says 'love pussy' on it.  I had to fling myself at the mercy of some cleaning ladies who got me a towel and then a security man came and opened up for me, but not before saying 'Hey, you're the film guy'. Porn film guy this morning, the way I'm going, being naked in random hotel corridors.

Last night I went to see Britney bitch in concert at the Staples center.  I am a big fan, but I have to say, I felt like she just didn't want to be there last night and the whole energy coming from the stage was really tepid.  The show is big and impressive of course, and definitely lived up to the expectations of the(utterly piercing) screaming 12 year olds around me, but there was minimal connection with the audience and I am pretty certain Britney didn't sing any of the songs live.  That would be fair enough if she was busting her balls dancing, but hey ho.  I just hope she is okay.  Last night combined with that MTV documnetary a few months ago makes me sad for Britney and the bubble she appears to be living in.

The Pussycat Dolls, on the other hand, were the opening act and were great. Big personalities, engaged with the crowd, truly warmed us up, and really gave it their all. My hats are off to them, and I got the chance to tell the lead singer Nicole in person, later at a party.

My favourite LA moment of my trip so far was a woman who came up to me at the bar of a restaurant where I was meeting friends before the Britney show and said 'I love you. I saw you on Broadway and I think you're a great actor. You should work more.' I think you'd call that a pity gush.

And it seems SAG and the producers have reached an agreement that is practically the same as the one they were offered last summer. Well hurrah.  I think it's great that production will pick up agian because of this saga ending, but what a waste of time , energy and money if we really haven't gained any benefits after so long an impasse.