Wednesday 29 Apr 09

hello everyone

Tonight/last night i attended a benefit for the Ubuntu education fund in NYC.  It is a really amazing organisation that is a great model of how to really change lives in Africa. Check it out here

I was the auctioneer and from three auction items we made 170,000 dollars! yeah baby! Below is a video of the amazing Hugh Masekela performing.

Earlier today I was in Albany for LGBT Equality day, lobbying for marriage equality, GENDA and Dignity. It was an amazing day and I feel really excited about the prospect of marriage equality being introduced in my home state of NY. It was a little depressing, I must say, to  go back into the meetings with senators after the rally and see our human rights struggle - the same rights any straight person in this country would take for granted - is treated as just another bill in the laborious and pedantic process of being passed though the senate.  I asked the speaker of the house if, in the light that this was not an average bill but an actual civil and human rights struggle, in some way it was possible to communicate to the senate that it was neccesary to transcend the normal day to day senate business and make this violation a priority. But I was sort of sweetly condescended. Someone actually said We dont live in your world, Alan

to which i replied

You're welcome to come on in.

 I know that statement was naive in political terms, but in humanitarian terms, in terms of justice and truth and righeousness, I really believe it is fair. Get over it people, the train hasn't just left the station, it's on the last leg of its journey.

Peace out homies

Alan x