Wednesday 13 May 09


I am full of allergies today.  I have tried my neti pot but finally have succumbed to a drug.

MY dog Honey is overweight.  She hurt her paw this weekend running around in the country, and when I took her to the vet for her rabies shot we realised she was 9lbs over her normal weight.  I had suspected so much last week when I was taking her to the groomers and there was a huge thunderstorm and she refused to walk any further and so I had to carry her whilst balancing an umbrella on my shoulder - the next day I had guns of steel, and thought perhaps I had found my fortune and invented a new form of exercise involving carrying round pets of various sizes.  Then when she came home from the groomer minus her winter fluffy coat I was rather bemused to see that it hadn't been a fluffy coat at all but in fact Honey is a bit of a porker.  So she is on a strict diet (treats=lettuce these days) and is pounding the pavements of Manhattan like nobody's business.  As I write this she is comatose at my feet, probably dreaming of pupperoni.


Tonight I am going to speak at a bar in midtown NYC called the Ritz, where there is to be a party for Mark Green who is running for Public Advocate. Mark is a great man and I am very happy to support his campaign

My friend Ned and I are making a little internet film about a new condom called Ecstacy.  The lovely Ricki Lake and I are going to be in a 50s musical style eulogy to this marvelous new edition to the Trojan condom range. Watch this space!

Here's a picture from the set of a movie I did in London called Boogie Woogie.  I just found out it is to have its world premiere at this year's Edinburgh Film Festival.  Hooray.  It's about the art world and I really like it even though I'm in it.