a sad day

Wednesday 27 May 09

Well,well, well. The California Supreme Court upheld Prop 8.  And so again the great state of California is a becon for bigotry and inequality.  At least the thousands of same sex couples who were married during those halycon days last summer will have their rites protected and respected. 

I have heard from friends all over the country who have been attending demonstrations this evening. It's great that people - gay and straight - are finally being mobilized and motivated by the repeated abuses of our rights, not to mention the many highly visible abuses to out gay troops.

However, I wish our President would come out and speak up for us.  If ever we needed to be reminded that we have an ally in him, and if ever America needed to hear his wisdom and ability to turn controversy and furore into a lesson in fairness and the reaffimration of our country's basic liberties for all, it's now. Come on, Barack.  Risk it. Speak up for your gay brothers and sisters in our hour of need.

In other news, I'm in Vancouver, where I started shooting Riverworld, a mini series for the Scifi channel (soon to be sy fy, and what's that about?!!) I am blue again, and spent my first day speaking to a very attractive, topless young man who was strapped to a gurney.  I was waterboarding him. Just another day at the office.

I also discovered that the Sydney Theatre Company are doing mine and Tim Supple's adaptation of Dario Fo's Accidental Death of an Anarchist later this year.  I originally did that version at the National Theatre in London in 1990/91!!

On Monday June 1st I'll be hosting the Astaire Awards in NYC.  It should be fun. I have a great suit to wear from my friends at G Star Raw which includes a top hat!!

Let's chant for a better day coming to be gay in America. 

Below here I am with Dario Fo himself, getting a few comedy tips...