Back from behind the Orange Curtain

Sunday 27 Sep 09


 Lat night I did two shows of I Bought A Blue Car Today at the Orange County Center Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa, California and I had a blast. I told the audience that I had been a little apprehensive about the shows because so many people had told me that life was very different behind the Orange Curtain and I began to feel like some sort of 21st century queer Dr Livingstone!  Thanks to everyone for coming out, as it were.

As of Tuesday 29th September I'll be doing the show at The Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles till Sunday October 2, 2009  at 8:00PM
(October 3, 2009 7:30PM and 9:30PM and October 4, 2009 2PM and 7PM)


Also I'll be doing a special benefit of the show for the Empire State Pride Agenda at the Highline Ballroom in NYC on Sunday October 25th. Buy tickets here for a very good and needy cause.

Here's a video of me singin That's Life on Loose Women, a UK chat show.  Please note that i had to do this very early, the day after my first night party for the Vaudeville Theatre opening of my show!!