We went to Washington and marched for our rights

Monday 12 Oct 09

The march was an amazing experience. 

We were able to to come together and demonstrate, express our anger and feel empowered and with a sense of belonging.

However, Barney Frank, the gay Democrat senator, said that this march and rally would be a waste of time at best.  Joe Solomnese, the head of the HRC, sent out a letter this weekend basically telling gay people not to complain till the last day of Obama's second term. 

Senator Frank is wrong. It was not a waste of time.  It gave everyone there a renewed sense of purpose and encouragement to keep up this fight for equal rights.  And Mr Solomnese is also wrong: how dare he try to censor the very people he is being paid a lot of money to  supposedly lobby for.  I'll stop complaning when the legislation is passed, Joe.  Have you forgotten you work for the Human Rights Campaign? 

So there is a lot of work ahead, not least of which is ensuring we as a community have more positive and aggresive leadership.  But being on the march, knowing that the country was watching, knowing that the President's speech at the HRC dinner the night before only came about because of the march, and knowing that our marching means that tonight more people than ever are discussing the heinous fact that America does not treat all men and women equally felt like a great achievement.  Oh, and me and my friend Eddie got to meet Obama, sort of...