going down...

Sunday 1 Nov 09

Right now, I'm down in Savannah for the film festival.  Dare is playing here tomorrow. I just did what is rather grandly billed as a masterclass with some of the performing arts students of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  I always like talking to young actors because they have lots of interesting questions and I sometimes feel I am talking to myself, and able to say things I wish I had heard decades ago.  Mostly I say stuff like: be yourself, try not to become a 'type' because you think you should; if it doesn't work out think of it as a positive in that you've found out that acting isn't for you and something else is rather than you've 'given up'; you are the most interesting thing about yourself; and always wear a condom. That sort of thing.


On Tuesday I will be flying to Australia to do I Bought A Blue Car Today in an unlplugged version with just me, Lance Horne on piano and a cellist!  We'll be at the Sydney Opera House from November 10-14th, and at the Brisbane PowerHouse on November 15th!  Shouldn't be a drama!

Here's a video my friend Ned Stresen-Reuter shot for my friend David Raleigh's song I Do.