sweet lance, sweet land

Wednesday 26 Jan 11

I will be in London on Sunday to sing  some of Lance Horne's songs in the concert to celebrate the release of his album First Things Last. It's at the Garrick theatre right slap bang in the middle of the West End. You can buy tickets here

Also, I found this today, a little film about the making of Sweet Land, which I was in and produced several years ago. 

Warm up!!

Tuesday 25 Jan 11

If any young actors are reading this, I hope they will watch this video and understand once and for all the importance of a proper warm up before performing. Thank you.

I will solve your probelms

Monday 24 Jan 11

My first ever advice column has gone online on Daily Front Row's website.  To  see my words of wisdom, click here!

Also, here is a picture my friend Carter took in the editing room of his film Maladies.

Guess who I am going to play?

Friday 21 Jan 11

Check it out here

almost in love

Thursday 20 Jan 11

Here is a website for a film I was in, written and directed by my friend Sam Neave.  It has just gone up and stuff will be added to it from now on.  I think it looks great.

Today I visited the Lower East Side Troll Museum. That's right.  I met the lovely Reverend Jen and her chihuahua, The Reverend Jen junior, and we shot a segment for the Itsasickness TV show.  It was a hoot.  You can call to make an appointment to visit at 212-560-7235.  It is really worth it, and as it is housed in a tiny sixth floor walk up apartment, you will also get buns of steel.

Here's a virtual tour...


I am craving

Saturday 15 Jan 11

My friend Eddie works for Daily Front Row. He used to do the Chic Report films, and I used to see him on red carpets.  That was really funny.  Like one of your friends suddenly showing up in your workplace.  It used to make us both laugh and he would get all flustered when he had to ask me the questions because I was laughing so much.

 Anyway, he has asked me to do a column where I will impart my wisdom and general tips on how to have fun.

What is it you can't face?

Tuesday 11 Jan 11

On Sunday I went to the matinee of Divine Sister, the hilarous new play written by and starring one of my performance heroes, Charles Busch. It's at the Soho Playhouse in NYC and you'd be really dopey to miss it. Charles is witty, vulgar, so amazingly skilled and subtle and then a total old ham all rolled into one. Here I am camping it up after the performance with him and his co-star, the amazing Julie Halston.  You can buy tickets here. If you're not in NYC you might want to check out Charles' film Die, Mommie, Die!, his 60s Hollywood take on the Agamemnon story.

I also want to share my excitement about today being 1.11.11 and the date of my friend Lance Horne's album First Things Last. I sing Lance's song American on it, and I am joined by a range of others including Ricki Lake, Meow Meow and Cheyenne Jackson. You can buy it by clicking on the box on the right.

But also this Friday as part of the Lincoln center American Songbook we will all be singing songs from the album and more of Lance's songs at the Allen Room of the Lincoln Center. You can buy tickets here for the 8.30 show and here for the 10.30.

Then on January 30th we'll be doing the whole thing again in London at the Garrick Theatre.  Buy tickets here.

Finally on Monday February 7th, I will be performing in Broadway Backwards, the annual fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS at which men sing women's songs and women men's from Broadway shows. I cannot reveal which song I will be singing except to say it is a song from a show I have been in, though I did not sing it.  (and it's not Mein Herr). I will be joined by a bunch of loves including the brilliant Denis O'Hare and Clay Aiken. Buy tickets here

And on January 25th (Robert Burns night!!) I will be appearing on Live with Regis and Kelly

That's enough schilling

more behind the scenes

Friday 7 Jan 11

Meet the people in the offices...

Winter wonderland

Wednesday 5 Jan 11


and if I loooove this...

Happy New Year

Monday 3 Jan 11

Happy everything, everyone! I hope you had a great and fun holiday season. I had a ball, surrounded by friends and loved ones in the snow, eating and drinking and laughing.  I also read a fascinating book about Gertrude Stein.  What a pompous lady!

Today, Lindsay Lohan and I share a great deal: it is the first day of the rest of our lives.  And I am going to have a good old think and start writing and seeing what Alan wants to do this year.

In the meantime, here is a video I did for the Ali Forney Center which reminds us all that there are so many who are not having a good time at this or any other time of the year...