Tuesday 29 Dec 09

WTF? Jonathan Schaech filmed his proposal to his girlfriend and put it on Facebook?! Hello? What ever happened to living in the moment? If I were a one-issue Republican, I would vote for Miley Cyrus for President for her magnificent gesture to the youth of the world of turning her back on Twitter. Can't people have an experience on its own without twittering about it as they have it? Twitter to me is the social networking equivalent of people who clutch cameras to their chests as they ride a rollercoaster.

And talking of presidential voting, I'm sorry, but in his first year, although he has disappointed many (including myself on his lack of follow up to and downright obstruction of any positive changes in the iniquitous state of LGBT equality), Obama is trying to make some radical, amazing changes to American society and I applaud him and his team. All you people out there who are bemoaning the over-spending, just shut up and imagine the alternative, or better still try and form an opinion or a thought that is not just a defensive, negative, knee-jerk reaction to the fact that the status quo is changing and you can't deal with it.

And if there were a God, I would be genuflecting to him or her for what seems to be the beginning of the spiral towards bad TV biopics and universal derision that is Sarah Palin's career. What a disgrace, America, that she even registered on the political landscape. I see the fact that some Republican supporters I spoke to over the holidays said they felt her political career was waning is proof that they understand the sham that she is, the real change that is happening and how kitschy, homespun ignorance is no match for it.  George Bush is ovah, people. The people spoke.

And how many Kardashians are there? As I ran at the gym today, I watched one of them on TV having a sonogram/deciding whether or not to have an abortion. Yes, really.


Also please vote for me in the awards cos I am being beaten by a magician and I don't think that's fair.  I smell a rat.

Hello from the skies!

Sunday 20 Dec 09

I am on a plane!!  I still can't believe that this is possible!

I actually remember the first time I spoke on a mobile phone and how stunned I was at technology's innovation.

And then when I first sent emails.

And then when I first went online wirelessly.

And then when I was able to go online wirelessly from something that was moving (It was a train).

But being online, and contributing to my blog from a plane seems so much more difficult to comprehend.  How does this happen ? (Actually, lovely geeks who are about to write me and tell me, please don't, I enjoy the magic)

But most of all, what I love is the fact that my friend Phil is randomly sitting next to me on this plane.

Physicists, get working on that one!

Happy holidays, peeps

Alan x


This morning

Monday 14 Dec 09

Here I am on TV this morning plugging my show and my album. I got a present from Santa!!

Best Solo Performance nomination, awards

Tuesday 8 Dec 09

I have been nominated Best Solo Performance in this year's awards for the run of I Bought A Blue Car Today at the Vaudeveille Theatre in London's West End.

You can vote for me here


My youngest fan!

Monday 7 Dec 09

Here is a little boy called Jack enjoying ther Hedwig medley from I Bought A Blue Car Today.  Isn't he the cutest, grooviest young thing?

I will be back playing at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles with my band from the 13-18th December. Book tickets here.

Please contact these Democrat senators now!!

Wednesday 2 Dec 09

It's another sad day for the gay population in the United States. Today the New York senate failed to pass a marriage equality bill.  What with gay people's rights being taken away in Maine recently, to say nothing of the proposed death penalty for gay people in Uganda and the horrible treatment of gays in Iran, it's a pretty depressing time.

But what do we do when we're feeling blue?  We get right back in the saddle and we email the 8 Democratic NY senators who voted against civil rights and equality, and tell them what we think of them. Here they are...My friend Denis O'Hare sent me this list, along with some links to articles about them... Go forth, contact them and give them what for.  They are democratically elected but are denying people democratic rights.

Joseph Addabbo (D) - This guy's from Howard Beach - 'nuff said
(518) 455-2322;

Darrel Aubertine (D) Upstate dairy famer
(518) 455-2761;

Ruben Diaz (D)  - this guy is the worst.  He has made it his business to preach against gays and lesbians
(518) 455-2511;

Shirley Huntley (D) JFK Airport - Jamaica
(518) 455-3531;

Carl Kruger (D)  - Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach
(518) 455-2460;

Hiram Monserrate (D) LaGuardian Airport, Queens
(518) 455-2529;

George Onorato (D) Astoria, Queens
(518) 455-3486;

William Stachowski (D) - Upstate NY - Buffalo

On World AIDS day...

Tuesday 1 Dec 09

Here's what I have to say...