Metro DC Pflag event

Friday 20 Feb 09

alan down under - the movie

Wednesday 18 Feb 09

here's a little update from down under...

and here's my interview on Rove...


Tuesday 17 Feb 09

Hello from Sydney. where I am rehearsing and doing press for the opening of my show I Bought A Blue Car Today on Thursday at the Sydney Opera House.

This is a picture of me on the Rove show in Melbourne on Sunday night. I am demonstrating to the lovely Rove what we were all doing as President Bush's helicopter flew over as he left the inauguration in Washington last month.

It is 20 years since I last performed at the Opera House, and having just met my band I discover that one of them was not even born then. Cheers!

More anon.

My world travels begin

Thursday 12 Feb 09

I made a little film...


Tuesday 10 Feb 09

Thanks so much to everyone who came along to my shows on Saturday in NYC. I feel very relieved and also excited to have lost my concert virginity and to have a new career as a lounge lizard. I am actually a  liitle overwhelmed about the reaction. It couldn't have gone better.  So thanks to everyone who helped me get it together and make it happen, especially Lance Horne, my musical director, and also Dannielle, Bianca and Peter from Team Alan.

It's funny because last night I performed at Broadway Backwards, an evening to benefit the LGBT Center in NYC, and in the past whenI have perfromed at these sorts of evenings I have been freaked out as you get so little rehearsal and I feel very ill-prepared doing something I don't feel very confident about in the first place. Well, last night, even though I only had one rehearsal with the band, and a few run-throughs with the dancers; and even though I had to get changed onstage and do a lot of prop acting, I was actually really calm about it and I think that because of this weekend when I felt the fear and did it anyway I have turned over a new leaf in my whole outlook to singing and performing in this way.

Finally! Hoorah!

Some naughty person videoed the song I sang as the encore at the second concert and put it up on youtube. Beware, it has sweary words in it.

my concert debut is on saturday!!!

Wednesday 4 Feb 09

Yikes! here is a podcast of me talking about it. 

So I am doing two shows this saturday at the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center, and then from the 19-22nd I will be performing the show at the Sydney Opera House.