Audie do dee

Friday 25 Feb 11

I have been nominated for a 2011 Audie Award in the Solo Narration - Male category for my reading of Robert Paul Weston's Zorgamazoo. You can hear a clip of it here.

Today I shot some more scenes with the lovely America Ferrera on The Good Wife and then was a guest on Rocco Di Spirito's new dinner party show for Bravo.  It was a lovely group including my old chums Liza Minnelli, Sandra Bernhard and Kenneth Cole.

How great that Hawaii is now allowing civil unions, and gay people have basically the same rights and protections as their straight friends.  Hooray! And the Obama administration will no longer be defending the Defense of Marriage Act (a gift from former President Clinton which defines marriage as between a man and a woman) in court.  The walls are tumbling down, people.

Happy Friday.  I am going to shoot and dance with bears. Photo by Krys Fox


The Good Wife

Thursday 24 Feb 11

Here is my latest blog from behind the scenes of The Good Wife, and then all my bits from this week's episode.

more fasion tips

Monday 21 Feb 11

back from Boston

Sunday 20 Feb 11

I just got back from a fun few days in Boston where I was doing my yearly Masterpiece Mystery hosting duties.  I donned the suits, my hair was slicked back and I emerged from the shadows spouting pithy remarks.  I like being a host, and I like going to Boston and catching up with the Masterpiece peeps. I was doing an interview whilst in Boston and talking about the fact that it is quite a dying trend to have someone set up what you are  about to see on TV.  I think it is probably only Masterpiece and maybe AMC or one of those film channels that still does it.  And I think that is sad. Because actually people really like to know what they are about to watch.  Maybe it is something to do with our crazy, scheduled to the max lifestyle nowadays, but every time I am with a group of friends and we have a pile of DVDs in front of us and are trying to decide which to watch, 'What's it about?' is the most common cry. 

I used to find that rather annoying.  Why not just watch the thing and then find out, I thought? Why do we always have to be told of what to expect, or worse, what to think?  If only there was someone like me giving a short and precise precis before every movie, perhaps even in the same style and aesthetic as the movie itself? Wouldn't that be good?  And also save people trying in vain to encaptulate a story and a style of something that is over 2 hours long and potentially very dense and complicated?

Although I do enjoy hearing how people condense things when you play games like Taboo and they try to use as few words as possible to get their team-mates to understand them.

This picture is one I took on the train, leaving Manhattan behind ernoute for Boston.  And here is a clip I found online from The L Word, with me being spunky with the lovely Pam Grier.

And here is a first night report of The Threepenny Opera in 2006


Monday 14 Feb 11


Happy Valentine's Day!!  Whilst I personally feel that Valentine's Day is a crock of commercialised shit, I hope you all have a lovely loved-up time with your loved one or ones.

I have been having a fun time at Fashion Week. It gets a little scary because of all the microphones stuffed in your face and the random and potentially libellous questions that are asked of you.  But I try to have fun with it.

I would like to say here that I have nothing more to say about Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark. I feel I have said all that I have to say about both the show and my experience of having once been involved with it.  It isn't fun to see (mis)quotes of mine taken from eavesdropped-on conversations with friends being spewed around the internet so here's the scoop: I am indeed happy to be doing The Good Wife and not Spiderman, and I wish Julie, Bono, The Edge and everyone else involved all the very best.

Also I came to work today and everyone was ribbing me about a story in the NY Post about me taking a picture of a young lady's behind .  You see, I have become obsessed with my ShakeIt Photo app on my IPhone.  Indeed on Saturday at the G star Raw show I tried to take a picture of one of the model's (fantasstic) derrieres but alas I slipped and only got a shot of the tips of my blue suede boots and a lot of carpet.  Ah well. Maybe the universe is telling me not to be an ass man. I don't know. Here I am having a laugh about it with the lovely Jared Leto.

Fashion and backstage

Saturday 12 Feb 11

Here is the next instalment of my words of wisdom for The Chic Report...


I have been having a  bit of a fashion frenzy.  Last night was my friend Cynthia Rowley's show which was really great. The clothes reminded me of David Hockney paintings of people in London in the 60s like this one...I loved them, and I got some really great snaps of the models' feet.  I was sitting next to my friend Glenda  Bailey from Harpers bazaar and we had a lovely chat. It's really funny because, now that I am going to play Salvador Dali in a film later this year, I am finding out so much about him and also that so many people, like Glenda, have so many great stories about him. I can't wait.

I also had a lovely chat with Cynthia's kids about Justin Beiber. They are off to see his movie today, so they were full of Beiber fever.  Here I am in the front row...




Finally here is a little video I did about fashion for the New York Times T Magazine, and my latest behind the scenes of The Good Wife video.



at the amfar gala

Friday 11 Feb 11

Last night was the annual amfAR gala in NYC.  Great and rousing speeches were made by President Clinton and his daughter Chelsea, Rose O'Donnell, Elton John and Diane Von Furstenberg to name but a few.  A good time was had by all

View more videos at:


monday leather, wednesday tweed

Wednesday 9 Feb 11

Is this any way for a 46 year old man to be spending a Monday evening? Apparently the answer is yes, in my case.  This is me performing a Don't Ask, Don't Tell themed version of Don't Tell Mama from Cabaret as part of the fundraiser Broadway Backwards at the Longacre Theatre.  It raised $281,243 for BC/EFA and the LGBT Center.  So hooray for that.

Tonight is the annual NYC AmFAR gala, at which President CLinton and Liz Taylor, amongst others, are being honored.  Here is a sneak peek at what I am wearing. I'm going for a tweedy dandy look. It's designed by the very nice Jay Kos...


Eli all the time

Tuesday 8 Feb 11

Someone has done an Eli tribute!!


Friday 4 Feb 11

I am actually allergic to cats but I quite like them.  And I really like feral ones.  I think they are cats to the max. So please try and support this event.....









I did a photo shoot today with the lovely Krys Fox. Here is a snap I took when I was in one of my looks.  Move over Gaga is what I say. Krys is having an exhibition in Brooklyn starting next Thursday 10th Feb.  Check it out, cats.


Where is the ice cream?

Tuesday 1 Feb 11

I shot a little scene for PBS' The Electric Company and here it is.

Please chant that JFK does not stay closed much longer and I can get out of this hotel room at Heathrow....