Go Jules and Keith!!

Friday 29 Apr 11

My co-worker loves me.

another wardrobe malfunction

Friday 22 Apr 11

And why not?

A few things

Wednesday 20 Apr 11

I have been nominated for the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Great scot award for my outstanding contribution to charity. So there!

My friends Paul Cantelon and Angela McCluskey recently made this lovely little film inspired by George Harrison's song Here Comes The Sun to raise awareness and funds for the Sweet Relief Musicians' Fund, which heps musicians who are battling debilitating illnesses.  It was directed by Jason Beck and shot by Seamus McGarvey

You can buy the track here and donate some money to help our muso friends in need.

And in the video blast from the past category, here I am being interviewed by Mariella Frostrup in 1997!!!

wardrobe malfunction of yesteryear

Thursday 14 Apr 11

but I actually think I looked great. Get over it Melissa!

Long days and bad blood

Wednesday 13 Apr 11

Rabid viewers will notice that the kiss between Eli and Natalie I am referring to was cut from the show! WTF?!

talk show craziness

Tuesday 12 Apr 11

I have been in London for a few days doing press for The Runaway on Sky 1. I had forgotten how random and eclectic British Tv shows can be. For example I found myself on The One Show doing my interview between a piece about a bride with lots of warts on her hands and a man who can engrave words on tiny surfaces like pin heads and paper clips! Seriously! Then on Fern on Channel 4, in addition to chatting with the lovely hostess, I judged a cake contest for the Royal Wedding and then had to guess which of the five strangers that were paraded in front of me were obsessed with George Formby (rather surpiringly a little girl), who had changed their name to Manilow after their hero Barry (a lady who had not only done that but also had the man himself tattooed on both of her arms) and finally who had a large collection of truncheons, as in the things PC Plod would bop you on the head with in a riot!! I mean, really!

Here I am chatting to Phillip and Holly on This Morning. Seconds later the cast of Mamma Mia performed Money Money Money as part of the show's twelfth anniversary celebrations, mere feet from the sofa on which I am sat. Crazy!

what's going to happen?

Thursday 7 Apr 11

Desrae enters the world tonight on The Runaway on SKY 1 in the UK. I am in London right now doing some talk shows to promote the show. Here are a couple of hilarious pictures from behind the scenes in Cape town last summer...


and what's going to happen in next week's The Good Wife?  OMSBJ?!

on the topic of wardrobe malfunctions....

Monday 4 Apr 11

Fashion is not style. Nay, we can say more: Fashion is instead of style. Style is an idiom springing spontaneously from the personality but deliberately maintained. If you have no personality, you may be able to save your face and, possibly, your entire anatomy by following the current fashion, but all we shall know about you, when we see you coming down the street, is that you had enough money to buy a glossy magazine and were sufficiently cunning to work out the cut of the garments shown therein.

QUENTIN CRISP, New York Magazine, Nov. 20, 1978