Into the Night

Tuesday 25 Aug 09

Here are a couple of vids I found on youtube. (The excitement about finally getting online in my London flat caused a feeding frenzy).  First here is a clip from a show I did with the novelist Ian Rankin for German Tv called 'Into The Night', and then an interview I did with my friend Tom Judson in the back of his van...

Off to London town

Sunday 23 Aug 09

It's Sunday. I am upstate and lounging. Tomorrow I will be flying to London to do press and rehearsals for the run of I Bought A Blue Car Today at the Vaudeville Theatre from Sept 1-6th.

Yesterday I rehearsed with Lance and mercifully I can still sing.  the show is a little bit different for London. It now has an intermission and there is apparently a chaise longue on the set which I will recline on as often as allowed. I'm going to be doing quite a few TV appearances, starting with The One Show on Tuesday 25th August.  I'll also be doing a song at G.A.Y. next Saturday night at Heaven.

Here is a video I made from my trip last week to Berlin, where I was shooting a documentary for the BBC entitled The Real Cabaret.

Ecstacy the Musical!

Saturday 22 Aug 09

My friend ned and I made this little film for Trojan condoms. Lance Horne (who is the musical director of my singing show and who I've written a song with for my forthcoming album) helped us with the music, and the lovely Ricki Lake acted with me. Isn't it a hoot?

Riverworld, Spiderman and Michael Jackson news!!

Sunday 2 Aug 09

The first pictures of mini-series I did recently, Riverworld, have been released.  And there's a little film about my make-up experience here














Also tah-dah! I am going to be playing the Green Goblin in the Broadway show Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark, which starts rehearsals late November and starts previewing at the Hilton Theatre on 42nd street in NYC on February 25th.  Bono and the Edge have written the music and Julie Taymor is directing.  I have already been to a number of fittings and working sessions and I think the show is going to be truly spectacular.













and finally here I am at Joe's Pub this past Wednesday, almost singing a medley of Michael Jackson songs