I Bought A Blue Car Today

I Bought A Blue Car Today was my concert debut.  I had been asked by the Lincoln Center to come up with a show for their American Songbook series, and although (or maybe because) I had a irrational but overwhelming fear of singing in public as just plain old me, I decided to say yes.

 And I am really glad I did.  It's amazing to imagine hwo something wil go and then it not only goes that way and then some, but in the doing of it you overcome big fears. And you also sort of get a new career!

I had toyed with the idea of doing a one man show where I would sing and tell stories for a long time, but because of the fear I mention above I had always found an excuse to avoid it whenever it nearly became a possibilty. But I always really enjoyed the connection i got with an audience when I did sing at a gala or benefit, and was always curious if I could sustain that through a whole show.

All the songs in I Bought A Blue Car Today were songs I could act.  each one was a new character, a new little play almost, and I threw myself deep into each song, but partly because of the format of telling a funny story one minute and then immediatley going to another place emotionally the next as soon as the music started, I felt that the audience came with me in a way that really excited me and I found actually really addictive.  It is very exposing. You have to make yourself incredibly vulnerable.  Before the first performance in NYC  I was more nervous than I think I have ever been in my life, and could cheerfully have killed my manager Dannielle, whose had persuaded me to do the show. Nut it was worth it. I have found a new form of performing that I really enjoy and find incredibly fulfilling and best of all a way of connecting with people that I never thought I would have be able to achieve or have the balls to attempt. I actually can't wait until I do it again.

Lance Horne was the musical director/arranger/composer/therapist and I couldn't have done it without him.

I Bought A Blue Car Today had its premiere at the Allen Room of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on February 7th.

Click here to listen to a podcast about the show

and here's a pirate video of my encore...