Travelling Man

My professional debut as an actor was an episode of the Granada TV series, Travelling Man, that I filmed in the summer holiday between my second and third years at drama school, and which was boradacst on  12th December 1984.  The series starred Leigh Lawson, and I played a boy called Jamie who knew Leigh's missing son.

I had never been on a film set before, I was completely green and utterly in awe of the whole thing. And I was so utterly excited to be doing an episode of a TV show whilst still a student, and trying desperately to act cool. I thought that you had to act really small because it was television and so as a consequence I hardly moved. If it wasn't that I spoke you'd think I was a photo! I met Leigh Lawson again years later because I got to know his wife, Twiggy.

The episode was directed by Sebastian Graham-Jones and shot near Manchester. Here's the letter I got telling me about my schedule!