Dora the Explorer

I played the Rabbit in a special Alice in Wonderland themed episode of Dora the Explorer, alongisde Mel Brooks and Jewel. We did it!!


The Britannia Awards

I hosted the Britannia awards, BAFTA LA's annual ceremony honouring the best of British, and those who love them.

Would You Rather?

I shot a couple of episodes of Graham Norton\'s dirty panel show for BBC America. Hilarity ensued!

The Good Wife Season Three


I returned to the CBS drama series for a third season. This year saw my character, Eli Gold ,come and work at the offices of Lockhart Gardner from where he operated his crisis management and consultant company. Also Parker Posey appeared as Eli's ex-wife, and he had another romance with his nemesis, played by Amy Sedaris. This season was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the way the character expanded, and how his personal life was delved into. He is still uptight, ruthless and highly strung, but he also had some more tender moments, and some sex!!

Talk shows

A whoring I did go

Masterpiece Mystery

My fourth season as Masterpiece host....



Talk shows

For The Tempest and The Good Wife and Itsasickness.com I made a few appearances on these shows...


The Electric Company

I made an appearance on PBS' The Electric Company! And here it is...

The Good Wife Season Two

Eli Gold returned to The Good Wife's second season as a series regular.  I was really happy to go back and explore this character some more.  This season saw Eli on the campaign trail to re-elect Peter Florrick as State's Attorney.  This also meant his relationship with Alicia was stretched and ultimately strengthened as the tow became to respect and care for eahc other.

On a personal level we  discover that Eli is a divorcee with an 18 year old daughter, and he has a brief romance with a young student he encounters on the campiagn trail played by America Ferrera.

The writers on this show are so amazing and I felt that they gave me some great stuff to do again, and the way that Eli showed a softer side was really fasicnating to play.  Ultimately he is still a political animal but that ruthlessness was pretty comical on many occasions too.

Here is a little Eli tribute someone made and then the behind the scenes videos CBS.com asked me to make...



The Runaway

The Runaway is a six part mini-series for Sky TV in the Uk, based on Martina Cole's novel of the same name.  I play Desrae, a transvestite singer and owner of a club in London's Soho in the swinging sixties.

I really liked this character initially because he was strong and proud in the face of so much adversity.  I then really liked the fact that he and his gangster boyfriend (the amazing Ken Stott, with whom I worked years ago in Plunkett and Macleane) were actually the most loving and stable couple in the whole story! Then I really liked the relationship he had with Cathy, the runaway of the title, played by Joanna Vanderham.  He is basically the matriarch of the whole thing. Oh, and he doesn't get shot or beaten to death like most of the rest of the characters!!

So it was a new and interesting thing for me, and then came the most challenging part: going to South Africa and transforming into a laydee.  That was a nightmare. I hate to veet (or nair) all the hair off my body and then there were the shoes (ouch), the bras (ouch), the  nails (ouch) and the many hours in make-up (ouch ouch). I have a new-found respect for women after doing this.  It seems interesting to me that so much of a woman's appearance, or in the way a woman is desired, is designed to keep her in bondage or to make her vulnerable. Very interesting, Mr Bond.

Anyway, some days I felt like a lovely lady, like the scenes when I performed numbers in my club. Then, on other days I felt like an bloke in a bad wig. But I guess that's the whole kaleidescope of Desrae.