Talk Shows

The lovely and hilarious Chelsea Handler, Shag for CTV, Regis and Kelly, the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet and the lovely Conan.


Rick and Steve, the happiest Gay couple in all the world!

Rick & Steve, the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World! is an animated series for the LOGO channel in which I voice the character of Chuck, an HIV+, paralyzed fiftysomething, with a lot of attitude and a ninetten year old boyfriend (played by Wilson Cruz).

I was really pleased that the show got picked up for a second series. I think it is very healthy that LOGO is willing to show such edgy, bitingly funny and politically incorrect stuff.  And I love playing Chuck. I think of him as a sort of a gay Jerry Stiller.

Tin Man

I was offered Tin Man whilst I was still performing Bent in London and the idea of running around the forest of British Columbia being chased by flying monkeys after spending months watching my lover die and being abused by nazis every night was very appealing!!

I'm always slightly worried about "reinventions" and "adaptations" of already successful films as the obvious response sometimes is why? When the original is so good, why do we have to reinvent it? BUt what I really liked about Tin Man was the way that it used elements from the original book and film but it was something completely of its own. I also think that the idea of people going on a journey to a destination where they think they will find something they think they lack, and on the way realizing that they have had it all along, is a story that we have told in various forms for generations. You could say as far back as The Iliad.

I spoke to Nick Willing, the director, on the phone and I was really smitten with him and his energy, and I came on board. The shoot in British Columbia was pretty arduous as we were making three feature length episodes in the time it can sometimes take to do one feature. So there was no mucking about! I really had a lot of fun. The Vancouver crew was amazing and my fellow travellers in the O.Z., Zooey Deschanel, Neal McDonough, and Raoul Trujillo, were a great group to work with. We are all very different but I think difference is very healthy when you have to spend a lot of time with people in a variety of forests!

I tried to infuse the character of Glitch with a little of the physicality of Ray Bolger's Scarecrow in the original film, the Wizard of Oz.



Comedy Map of Britain

I flew up to Glasgow one weekend towards the end of the run of Bent to shoot this segment for a BBC show Comedy Map of Britain which took people back to the places where they had derived their comedy material from.  Forbes Masson and I revisited the lovely Prestwick Airport, where we'd shot scenes from The High Life.

Talk Shows

Talking Movies is a BBC Worldwide show and its host, Tom Brook, is really intelligent and nice - a rare combo, believe me.

And here I am in London, very early one Sunday morning discussing politics on The Sunday Edition.

Then I also appeared on the lovely Charlotte  Church's talk show

And I made a return visit to the Tony Danza show, where I finally got to cook stovies on TV!!

and Conan, once more...


Midnight Snack

Sundance Channel asked me to take over as host of their film series Midnight Snack.  The scenario was that I was at home talking about a film I was about to watch, with a midnight snack I was about to eat.  So I suggested that, for reasons of accuracy, I should co-host with my dog, Honey

 A star is born.....

The L Word

I was asked to go into Showtime's hit series The L Word for half a season to play Billie Blaikie, a really fun character who worked for Pam Grier and generally caused havoc.

It was fun to be in something that was so sexually provocative and ground-breaking.When you do a TV show in America they usually just have one script to show you and you have to sign on for the rest based purely on a conversation about your storyline.

So I said I would do this part only if I could have a sex scene with a lesbian. I thought it would be really interesting to shake things up and confound people's expectations about the black and white notions of sexuality. (I belive things are more grey).

I did finally have sex with a lesbian, but it wasn't really the scenario I had imagined! Daniela Sea who played Max is a sweetheart and a great kisser and it's great to have someone as sensitive and lovely as her to do scenes like this with.

Here is a scene that was actually cut from one of the episodes. It's always really annoying to have a sex scene cut, because they are very embarassing and exposing to do - even though this one was with my very good friend Paul Anthony and so we were able to have a laugh about putting the hot hot dog in the bun.

Talk shows

The night after my 40th birthday party I had to get up and go on Tony Danza's show to promote  Son of the Mask. I am very hungover.

I also went on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, ostensibly promoting Son of the Mask but mostly we just laugh about Cumming the fragrance. And then I poope in to see Carson Daly.

Later in the year I went onto Daily Download on Fuse to plug Reefer Madness.  Also here's a Conan too.

Dinner For Five

I appeared again on Dinner For Five with Jon Favreau, Frank Darabont, Harry Shearer and Fred Willard.

Festival Dailies

At the 2005 Sundance festival I hosted Festival Dailies for Sundance Channel, interviewing many of the film-makers whose films were screening. Here is a picture of me  probing Jennifer Jason Leigh.

And here is some raw footage of the interviews I did...