Masterpiece Mystery

My fourth season as Masterpiece host....


First Things Last

My friend and musical maestro Lance Horne released his debut album First things Last.  I open the disc singing his amazing song American.

To celebrate I joined Lance and a bunch of the peeps who sing on the record, and some other friends, and  gave two concerts, first at the Allen Rom of the Lincoln Cebter in NYC and then in London at the Garrick Theatre.




The artist and film-maker Carter asked me to play a role in his feature debut , opposite James Franco, Catherine Keener and Fallon Goodson. 

Maladies is about a talented and successful actor (James) who retires at a young age due to a perceived mental illness. Now living in a small town with his deranged sister  (Fallon) and his best friend (Catherine), we watch as their Maladies intertwine.

Photo by Pamela Berkovic

Talk shows

For The Tempest and The Good Wife and Itsasickness.com I made a few appearances on these shows...


Black Book

I wrote this article for Black Book magazine...



The Electric Company

I made an appearance on PBS' The Electric Company! And here it is...

I Bought A Blue Car Today at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

I finally took my cabaret show home.

I did three performances of I Bought A Blue Car Today at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the Assembly Hall, the historic venue on the Mound, the former home of the Church of Scotland and the Scottish parliament. There is a statue of John Knox in the courtyard, and I wondered (aloud) during the show what he would make of me and what I had to say!

In many ways, it was a full circle experience for me. I cut my teeth at the Edinburgh Fringe as a young drama student doing cabaret in the mid eighties, with Victor and Barry.  They went on to become the festival darlings for many years. But I hadn't performed on the Fringe since 1991, and so coming back with a cabaret of my own was a really amazing feeling. I'm older, wiser and ballsier, and finally able to share it with my homeland in a show that has so much to do with my Scottishness both in content and in the style of performance. So this was good times.

Here's a little report from NY1 about my run in Edinburgh.


I read the second instalment of Scott Westerfeld's amazing Leviathan trilogy, Behemoth, for Simon and Schuster audiobooks.

Here is a video of Scott Westerfeld and I chatting about the book.

The Good Wife Season Two

Eli Gold returned to The Good Wife's second season as a series regular.  I was really happy to go back and explore this character some more.  This season saw Eli on the campaign trail to re-elect Peter Florrick as State's Attorney.  This also meant his relationship with Alicia was stretched and ultimately strengthened as the tow became to respect and care for eahc other.

On a personal level we  discover that Eli is a divorcee with an 18 year old daughter, and he has a brief romance with a young student he encounters on the campiagn trail played by America Ferrera.

The writers on this show are so amazing and I felt that they gave me some great stuff to do again, and the way that Eli showed a softer side was really fasicnating to play.  Ultimately he is still a political animal but that ruthlessness was pretty comical on many occasions too.

Here is a little Eli tribute someone made and then the behind the scenes videos CBS.com asked me to make...



The Smurfs

I voice Gutsy Smurf in The Smurfs, a Scottish gruff-but-he-has-a-soft-side-too kinda guy. Well, not a guy. A smurf.