Trojan condom film

My friend Ned Stresen-Reuter and I were asked by Trojan condoms to make a film for their website Evolve one, evolve all.

We had a lot of fun putting it together, and what better than to make something that is fun and puts a positive message out there into the world.


Reefer Madness CD

Four years after the movie came out the Reefer Madness CD is finally in stores!

In late October we did a CD launch party at Joe's Pub in NYC and it was such fun to see everyone again and to sing the songs with a great band.  Dan Studney and Kevin Murphy, the writers of the show, fought really hard to get all the rights and permissions and money together to release the CD, so thanks to them we now have a record of not just the movie but the original LA stage productions too.


Hammer Museum Talk with Amy Arbus

I went to LA to do a talk with the amazing photographer Amy Arbus about our work together and her books on photography.

Talk Shows

I went to London to promote Tin Man and spoke to this funny website called Holy Moly...

Then later in the year I was on Morning Joe

Masterpiece Mystery

PBS asked me to be the host of their Masterpiece Mystery series.  I love PBS, and since the prevous hosts include Vincent Price and Diana Rigg, I was rather honoured to be asked. Basically I come out of the shadows and introduce some British TV mystery show.  I love being a host.  I feel I ought to come out of the shadows with a tray of sandwiches.

Alan Cumming on acting

MySpace Celebrity | MySpace Video

Just Ask The Locals

I was asked to talk about NYC and my favourite things about it for a campaign the city was doing called 'Just Ask The Locals'

Live Out Loud PSA

I shot a PSA with Michael Caulson for Live Out Loud's new initiative The Homecoming Project. Live Out Loud is a really great organistaion that connecst LGBT youth to community leaders and generally helps young people feel good about being themselves.

Oxonian Society talk

In January I did a talk for the Oxonian Society in NYC.

Here are some of my rambling thoughts, about the difference between British and American actors...

and here's what happened when I met Stanley Kubrick...

Celebrity Big Brother Hijack

I have always been a rabid fan of the UK version of Big Brother, so when I was asked to take part in Celebrity Big Brother Hijack, I leapt at the chance.

The format differed from previous years in that the celebs were Big Brother rather than the housemates, with a different person 'hijacking' the show each day.  And also the housemates were all young and excelled in their various fields. So it made for a very interesting and unusual take on the normal way of things.

 I was just so excited to get to say 'This is Big Brother'  over the house speakers, and to ask people to come into the diary room.


GLAAD The F word

I felt that the gay community needed to stop using the 'f' word.  (It rhymes with maggot!) Just as the black community has taken responsibility about using the 'n' word, we need to with the 'f' one. For how can we expect the rest of the world to stop using it if we still use it ourselves? Even in jest, even if we think we have reclaimed it and made it something else, it is still a word of hatred and is often the last word people hear before they are beaten or even killed.

So I spoke to GLAAD and my friend Joe Mantegna, and we shot this PSA which premiered at the GLAAD awards in 2008.