Talk Shows

The lovely and hilarious Chelsea Handler, Shag for CTV, Regis and Kelly, the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet and the lovely Conan.


Speechless - in support of the WGA strike

At the end of 2007 I went and shot a couple of little films with the director George Hickenlooper in support of the WGA strike that was in full swing at the time. George made loads of these films with various actors under the banner Speechless.

I was really happy to be able to do something to support the strike, and I loved the angle that George took. I am also delighted to be on screen alongside the voice of Mr Moviefone!!

The T-shirt in the first one was given to me by Bianca, my publicist.  Little did she know it would be immortalised!

Men.style.com: Obsessives

In September 2007 when I was enroute to JFK to catch a flight to go to London to film Boogie Woogie, I stopped off at the Core Club and shot this llittle piece about martinis for Men.Style.com


Midnight Snack

Not content with Honey being a co-host on this Sundance Channel film show that I host, I also got Leon, my chihuahua, in on the act too.  Sing out, Louise!

Here we all are talking about the Joseph Losey film, Boom.


Comedy Map of Britain

I flew up to Glasgow one weekend towards the end of the run of Bent to shoot this segment for a BBC show Comedy Map of Britain which took people back to the places where they had derived their comedy material from.  Forbes Masson and I revisited the lovely Prestwick Airport, where we'd shot scenes from The High Life.

Talk Shows

Talking Movies is a BBC Worldwide show and its host, Tom Brook, is really intelligent and nice - a rare combo, believe me.

And here I am in London, very early one Sunday morning discussing politics on The Sunday Edition.

Then I also appeared on the lovely Charlotte  Church's talk show

And I made a return visit to the Tony Danza show, where I finally got to cook stovies on TV!!

and Conan, once more...




It was never my ambition to have my own fragrance and range of body products, but sometimes these things are just thrust upon us!

It actually started as a bit of a joke between Christopher Brosius - a really amazing perfumier whose stuff I had admired and worn and had become friends with -  and Jason Schell, who had the original idea.

All my life I have had to endure jokes about my name so obviously having the tables tunred in this way really appealled to me. I also thought it would be great to shake things up a bit and challenege people's perceptions of celebrity endorsement AND to put my name ot somehting that i think is great and I use every day.

It is still pretty weird when someone comes up to me and instead of saying they have seen me in a movie or a play they say they have my fragrance. Or when I look throgh a goody bag on the way home from some event and find one of my own products there!


The photos that we shot for the ad campaign were great fun to do and created quite a storm. They are all based on old frgarance ads.  Christopher and Jason went to the Fragrance Foundation (yes there is such a thing) and scoured their archives and then we took the ads they found to photographer Steve Vacciarello and we worked on recreating the lighting and feel of each one.  I love them. I also love that people might not know what they are at first.  I love a slow burn.

My friend Joe Mantegna made the commercial.  There are two versions, 45 and 90 seconds.  Again we wanted to both make a sexy, provocative commercial but also at the same time take the piss out of all thos ads with people rolling around in beds looking dreamy. I tried to channel those Calvin Klein Obsession ads, which I always thought were hilarious.


















With this whole project I loved how we were able to produce something that is really good and also make people question what they think of celebrities selling them stuff.  And we also had a real laugh. A lot of people didn't get it, or were annoyed because they weren't sure what they were supposed to think.  I like that.

And I like Cumming. I love washing my hands with a bar of soap that has my name on it and is called Cumming in a Bar. I love showering with Cumming Clean and scrubbing with Cumming Off Buff and smearing myself in Cumming All Over.

Once when I was doing The Seagull I reached up to get something from a shelf in my dressing room and a bottle of Cumming fell and just missed my head. I thought it would be hilarious to have been killed by a bottle of my own signature fragrance!

Find out more, and even maybe buy it here!


Talk shows

The night after my 40th birthday party I had to get up and go on Tony Danza's show to promote  Son of the Mask. I am very hungover.

I also went on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, ostensibly promoting Son of the Mask but mostly we just laugh about Cumming the fragrance. And then I poope in to see Carson Daly.

Later in the year I went onto Daily Download on Fuse to plug Reefer Madness.  Also here's a Conan too.

Festival Dailies

At the 2005 Sundance festival I hosted Festival Dailies for Sundance Channel, interviewing many of the film-makers whose films were screening. Here is a picture of me  probing Jennifer Jason Leigh.

And here is some raw footage of the interviews I did...



Democratic National Convention

I went to the Democratic National Convention in Boston as a delegate for The Creative Coalition. It was a really fasciniating thing for me, especially being Scottish and not totally au fait with the way American politics operate.  We went to the convention center each night and heard the speeches, and the days were filled with talks and meetings with various organisations and politicians.

I had to take part in a really scary event: Art$, Education and the 21st Century Economy--a panel discussion in which I sat between Arianna Huffington and Bill O'Reilly.  As you can imagine, Bill O'reilly did what he was there to do and trotted out some really contentious statements. Most peole were used to him, but I had never really watched (or wanted to) his show so I was utterly horrified and at one point, when he suggested that someone on the panel wanted to teach terrorists how to sing (or something equally ridiculous), I told him he was insane.

I still think he is.

The highlight of this week was, of course, hearing Barack Obama speak for the first time.  He lit up the room.