American Theater Wing Seminar

A discussion about performance for City University TV

Sex and the City

Whilst I was appearing on Broadway in Design For Living, I guest-starred in an episode of Sex and the City in which I played 'O', a stylist from Dolce and Gabbana. O had the job of dressing Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) for a New York-style fashion show. The episode was the second of the season's double-bill premiere, and Ed Koch, Heidi Klum and Kevin Aucoin also made appearances.

I remembered how scary television is after doing this. When it came out, everywhere I went people kept saying 'me likey' and I couldn't understand why. Then I remembered that O said it a few times.  People still say it to me to this day actually.


Talk Shows

Here I am on Regis and Kathie Lee plugging The Flinstones movie, except Regis was off and it's Howie Mandel instead.

Then there's a compilation with several interviews including an appearance on The Conan O'Brien Show when I hosted Saturday Night Live and other items about The Flinstones and God, the Devil and Bob,

Then I'm plugging Titus on MTV's Hot Zone, Regis and Kathie Lee again (though it's Regis' wife Joy instead of Kathie Lee -  do you sense a pattern here?), something from The Flinstones on Fox 11

Saturday Night Live

I hosted Saturday Night Live in February of 2000.

OMFG. Talk about scary!! Not just that you have so little time to rehearse and there are new bits of sketches right up until transmission, not just that it is LIVE, but also because it is such a landmark thing to do, to host SNL! I stopped telling people I was going to do it because their reactions made me feel even more nervous. But I loved it. It was such an adrenaline rush, and I had all my New York friends in the front row of the balcony cheering me on. Plus I got to say 'Jennifer Lopez is in the house!' and 'Give it up for Jennifer Lopez!' which made me very happy.

There were some hilarious sketches.  I took part in the regular ones like Dog Show and The Culps with Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer, and also did a Lennon/McCartney fast food fantasy with Jimmy Fallon, a Siegfried and Roy one with Chris Kattan, and a Home Shopping Network segment on sunburned dolls with the amazing Ana.


Talk Shows

I made my first ever appearance on the Conan O'Brien show to promote Cabaret.

And then here I am back later that year plugging Titus, much less nervous.

Then Metroguide (with the 'sex symbol' question), and a documentary my friend Emma made for Channel 4 in the UK about fame, entitled Starstruck, followed by me discussing my friend Geri Haliwell on Behind the Music!

Then here I am back in the UK on Ruby Wax's show, and then me plugging Annie on a very early show in LA (and I had been up all night! Sssh!)

Then plugging Plunkett and Macleane on Today in New York, and Annie on Conan and Martin Short

God, The Devil And Bob

I provided the voice of The Devil for NBC's animated show, God, The Devil and Bob, which had James Garner providing the voice of God and French Stewart as Bob.

I actually did this project while filming Annie and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. We made twelve episodes of biting satire about God and the Devil coming down to Detroit and vying for the soul of this man called Bob. I was saddened by the way it was handled when it came out. I thought it was a sad thing for America that satire doesn't seem to be allowed with certain subject matters. It's a cartoon! I think it's sad if people can't laugh or that certain aspects of society can't be parodied. People are so serious about their religion that they can't allow for anything remotely fun to be made about it.


Rob Marshall (who choreographed Cabaret on Broadway) asked me to take on the role of "Rooster" in this reworking of the popular American musical, Annie.

Kathy Bates plays Miss Hannigan and the rest of the cast includes Victor Garber, Audra McDonald, Kristin Chenowith, and Alicia Morton as Annie.

I had never seen Annie and didn't know the story when Rob asked me to do it. It was really scary for me, because I felt so out of my depth in so many ways. I'd never done a musical like this before, but Rob has a way of making you feel confident about things that you can't do very well, like dancing and singing!! Dancing down the street at the backlot of Warner Bros. in Burbank, singing Easy Street was one of the best moments of my showbiz life!!!


Talk shows

Here is a reel of interviews and appearances about Cabaret, on CNN Showbiz Tonight, NY1, The Late Show with David Letterman, Fox's Judith Regan Show (my Mum appears!) and the Rosie O'Donnell show, which had to have a PG rating because of our performance of Wilkommen!! And finally CBS' Morning Show.

Also there is the Broadway Beat special on the show.

Also here's me discussing my experiences in Cabaret with Charlie Rose...

And here is Launching the Tony's 98


Talk shows/awards

I went on Light Lunch and 5's Company to talk about the Spice Girls movie, amongst other things, then here I am on Mariella Frostrup's show to promote Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.

Next, I popped over the Irish Sea to Belfast to appear on Kenny Live, then I gave a gong to the lovely Judi Dench at the Scottish BAFTAs and rounded up the year with an appearance on This Morning, which showed a clip of Forbes Masson and I guesting on the show in 1995 as our flight attendants from The High Life.

Finally a short-lived MTV talk show Oddville.


Raspberry Ripple Awards

I hosted the Raspberry Ripple awards which set out to praise positive portrayals of disabled people in the media, and to highlight the statistic that 1 in 8 people are in some way disabled.